The Middle Passage III

Part 3 of The Middle Passage  continues:   The entire meeting was a blur. The elder’s told her that her mother was killed while trying to free some of the captured members of the ocean tribe. She was shot in the back of her head. “What cowards can’t look a soldier in her eye before taking…

The Middle Passage II

Don’t worry I’m not only here to mock your lack of talent. The elders are calling a meeting. Even though you would have nothing to do with the complexities of the politics of the tribe, they cannot move forward without the decision of the Queen.”

The Middle Passage I

In an alternate historical and technological timeline, a young West African royal, Kou, struggles as she prepares to fit into her birth-given role as a Queen. With help from her twin, Saye, she fights the forces trying to tear her people apart. Will she save her people and find herself?

I am A Queen

Breaking waves and buildings tides Powers beyond compare Wisdom flowing like water from the falls of Kpatawe Bringing life to the soil and joy to desert lands Like rain from the sky, I am a blessing to this droughty earth Like the wild oceans, my spirit is untamed   I walk fearlessly, I have the…