Sex Education in Liberia, II

Shari Raji When I was about 5 years old, I went into the bathroom to shower with an older girl who lived with my parents. This was something we did daily. But on this particular day, she told me to that she couldn’t shower with me because Aunt Flo was visiting and that if I…

Sex Education in Liberia

Domestic Violence, the New Cool?

But deep-rooted in all of these sad events, is the fact Bucky Raw deserves absolutely no sympathy for abusing his daughter’s mother. Domestic violence is a criminal offense and it should not be taken lightly simply because the perpetrator is a celebrity. People should not pass off domestic violence as a ‘mistake’ in order to avoid conversations surrounding the nature of the rapper’s choice. 

Yes, This Too is Harassment

Suddenly, put a girl in the equation and my vagina is up for grabs?  Am I nothing more than a piece of ass? This objectivity is insanely absurd!

A Sister Unheard

He took away fragments of her soul with every plunge.

She spoke up, but no one ever tried to listen.

Moment after moment of no one lending an ear to her plea, it continued on and on;

So… she just gave up on mentioning it.

Effects of “Taboo” topics II

Taboo topics are a dominant part of the very fabric of this country. This series seeks to break down the effects of this phenomena and to offer deviations from the norm that would be better for the growth and development of our children and future generations. The first part of this three-part series touched on…

​Effects of “Taboo” topics

Liberia, Sweet Land of Liberty! Well, liberty, until it comes to discussions of “controversial” issues such as sex, sexual assault, puberty changes, domestic violence, gender rights, children’s rights and responsibilities, etcetera. Basically, any topic that isn’t deemed comfortable to be discussed between the older and younger generation is considered taboo, abominable or undiscussable in a…