Children Falsely Branded by Witch and Murder

Disclaimer: As an awareness for children who have been falsely branded and beaten for witch and murder within our country, I decided to write this short story and give some insights into this practice. There are also suggestions as to how we can protect these innocent children. Sitting at home in rural Grand Gedeh on…

A Male’s Perspective of Feminism

“If we will have a balance of gender and a reduction in the continuous occurrence of violence against women and girls, society will have to balance off their so called feminist perspective.”

The Battle Within

You call it foolishness I call it my truth. The way I choose to walk In the world will no longer be determined by you When I’m the one who’s affected; Eternally bruised, My self esteem scarred way during the days of my youth. The fear of rejection from the people I love Has forced…

How Do You Feel About Abortion?

I have an hour commute to work every day, two hours if we consider my return. I enjoy this. I am able to read leisurely and smile at passengers getting on and off, who are a mixture of students, market women & men, and moms with their babies. Every so often, I’ll lift my eyes…


I stopped screaming for him to stop after the first 5 minutes and became completely numb when I felt liquid rolling down my legs and just knew it was my child. I survived but my baby didn’t.

Love Na Wan Tin Tin

Dear Friends in Online Land, Valentines Day arrived. Along with it came all the lovebirds out their woodworks chirping away (Disclosure: between our likes and pro-love comments, we, the inhabitants of singledom, were low-key salty to not be in on it). Our social media pages exploded with meant-to-bes and #soulmates and on every corner vendors…

Holy Trinity

Today is supposed to be the first birthday of our child At the first checkup,  the doctor said the child was going to be a girl / she tiptoed & kissed your navel You asked your mother how child bearing is like?    How long does one carry a human in her navel? [however] the…

Sex, Love and Romance in Popular Culture

In my opinion, the idea that vaginal discharges mean a woman has orgasmed is as ridiculous as assuming that a man has orgasmed simply because of the existence of pre-cum.


Maybe if I was a little lighter Maybe if my curls were just a little looser Maybe if I had a little more ass Maybe if my figure was a little more curvy Maybe if the words that escaped my lips were cloaked with a little less accent Maybe if my bright colored prints didn’t…

We Are Not Our Mothers

The new generation of Liberian women must aspire to have healthy marriages that nurture children to go on to respect the sanctity of marriage. Marriage na joke oh!