Featured Writers

Joel Smart, Writer

Joel is a Liberian who relocated to the United States as a result of the Liberian civil war. In 2005, he returned to his homeland and has engaged in so many successful ventures. Joel emerged as the 1st Runner Up in the 2010 Star is Born Project talent hunt. Three years later, he represented Liberia at the MTN Project Fame West Africa which led him to launch his audio and video recording studio. In addition to being the CEO of Platinum Concepts INC., Joel is known for his remarkable role in Liberia’s Ebola Campaign song.


Gerald D. Hodges, Writer

Gerald D. Hodges is an educational social intrapreneur and final year Development Management graduate student at the University for Development Studies, Ghana. As the Director for Programs at the NGO, SMART Liberia, he believes in a world where everyone flourishes and is committed to contributing to solutions that empower young people to fulfill their potential and fight poverty.


Cyrene William, Writer

Cyrene is experienced professionally in international development areas of judicial reforms, institutional capacity building, and local participatory democracy, with a specialized academic background in European partnership management. Fascinated by the impact of positive digital engagement, she founded Talkay Media to connect young people through open dialogues on significant issues that are often overlooked.

Joseph R. Yengbe Jr., Writer

Joseph R. Yengbe Jr. holds masters in International Business Finance from the Altinbas University in Istanbul, Turkey. Joseph works as a research analyst for the Central bank of Liberia and as a finance and compliance officer at Monrovia Football Academy. He recently founded Heart of Champions Sports Academy. The academy transforms children lives through sports by teaching positive moral and values which enable them to recognize the challenges that exist in today’s society. 

Tealee Brown, Writer

Tealee is an aspiring poet, a writer, an entrepreneur, and a change-maker. With a strong interest in art and literature, Tealee uses writing as a safe haven. She is a member of the Liberian Poet Society and an incoming co-author for the second edition of the “Sexy Like a Book Edition.”


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Tenne Menita Cooper, Writer

Miss Cooper is originally from Liberia and currenlty lives Norway. She aspires to become a lawyer with goals of opening a firm in Liberia to handle family juvenile law issues. Tenne is passionate about fighting SGBV and promoting gender quality. Writing and blogging for Miss Cooper, is her way of voicing her opinion on sensitive issues and as such, she is currently an upcoming contestant for 2019 Miss Norway Pageant.

Vermon Washington, Writer

Vermon Washington is a Liberian with a change-oriented mindset. He believes that Liberia’s future lies technically in the hands of the youths. Passionate about transformative change that can impact today’s generation and the future’s, Vermon founded EduTalks. EduTalks is an initiative that empowers high school students through career development programs.

Ahmed Konneh, Writer

Ahmed Konneh is one of the co-founders of the NGO,  SMART Liberia. He is a Pan African who is deeply passionate about education reform, social policy and global development. Ahmed is in love with expressive and contemplative arts and sees them as tools for transcendence. He currently lives and studies at the African Leadership College in Mauritius.

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Comlan Wesseh, Writer

Comlan has a bachelors of arts in History from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He recently relocated to his homeland, Liberia where he’s prepping for law school as a paralegal at the International Law Group. Colman is also an entrepreneur who owns a water company, record label, and photography business.

Alplato Chukpue-Padmore, Writer

Alplato was born and raised in Liberia during the Liberian civil war. He began his educational journey at the University of Liberia and later relocated to the United States of America during the Ebola crisis.  Alplato recently graduated from the Kentucky State University where he studied Public Administration and Political Science and obtained the highest honor of  Summa Cum Laude. Alplato is currently earning his masters in Public Policy and Administration.

Andrea Hare, Writer

Andrea Hare is a student at the Bluecrest College studying networking. She is also a member of the Action Chapel Liberia. As a lover of poetry, she spends lots of time writing and reading.

J. Clarke
Jonathan Clarke,  Writer

Jonathan M Clarke studies International Business and Trade at the African Leadership University, Rwanda, and is the current Accountant & Administrative Assistant at SMART Liberia. He is also the Executive Director & Co-founder of the Students & Youth Tourism Organization International -Liberia. Growing up in Liberia, Jonathan always had an interest in positively contributing to his community. 

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Satta Sheriff, Writer

Satta F. Sheriff is a Child Rights Advocate, the Executive Director of Youth in Action for Peace and Empowerment (YAPE). In 2017, she was awarded one of the most impacting young females leaders in Africa. In 2016, Satta was also recognized as the Most Influential Teenager in Liberia. She is the former Speaker of the Liberian Children’s Parliament and Co-Founder of the Joint Action Committee on Children.

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Levi Martin, Writer

Levi is the Executive Assistant to the Minister of Public Works in Liberia. He studies Public Administration and Economics at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). As a youth advocate and entrepreneur, Levi is the Co-founder and CEO of Liberia Events and Marketing Services (LEMS) located in Paynesville, Liberia. He is also a certificated Peace Building and Election Monitor as well as Project Manager.

Whitney Okujagu, Writer

Whitney B. Okujagu is a Liberian and Nigerian native raised in Liberia. She’s currently completing a Bachelors in Biological Sciences at Cornell University in New York. Whitney volunteers at numerous philanthropy organizations in the United States. Moreover, Cancer and Mental Health organizations have a soft spot in her heart. Whitney also believes racial and gender equality can be achieved if everyone from both sides of the spectrums works hard enough to remove unjust biases and prejudice from our hearts and planet.

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Eugene Herring,  Writer



Eugene Herring studied International Relations at Syracuse University and has worked internationally in the field for close to a decade. He now serves as a Policy Advisor at the Liberian Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, and is an accomplished musician under the moniker Geno D’Gawd.




Jaymu-Wortehjie, Writer

Jaymu-WortehjieNagbe is a supporter of women’s right. Over the last year, she has been actively involved in Liberia’s national police activities where she worked as a Practicum Student at the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Monrovia Central Prison). Jaymu obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia. Her work at the central prison reinforced her passion for this challenging yet rewarding career path aimed at working to improve the lives of others. Part-time, Jaymu volunteers for the Angel Michael Comedy where she uses comedy to provide awareness on various issues affecting the Liberian society.