Uncle Musa

I was 10 He was older…a lot older I didn’t know his age, but I know he was older How old? Well, I called him uncle. He used to playfully rub my head and say “my frisky niece” But he would also squeeze the small knots on my chest and say “dey growin oh” He…

Let’s Keep It Professiona​l​

Navigating the professional world as a young, “attractive”, female-identifying individual means walking a straight line of politeness and amiability without ever veering into the territory of flirtation- which is nearly impossible as a simple smile can be, and is often, misconstrued as a come-hither invitation.

Patriarchy and Society’s Misconception on the Function of the Female Vagina

“Most men would no longer enjoy conversing with most women if they stopped bringing their vaginas along.”  ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana About two months ago, during one of my reflective moments, I randomly thought about sex and its impact on intimate relationships nowadays. I wanted to understand what would be the status of most relationships  in…

Yes, This Too is Harassment

Suddenly, put a girl in the equation and my vagina is up for grabs?  Am I nothing more than a piece of ass? This objectivity is insanely absurd!

A Sister Unheard

He took away fragments of her soul with every plunge.

She spoke up, but no one ever tried to listen.

Moment after moment of no one lending an ear to her plea, it continued on and on;

So… she just gave up on mentioning it.