A Male’s Perspective of Feminism

“If we will have a balance of gender and a reduction in the continuous occurrence of violence against women and girls, society will have to balance off their so called feminist perspective.”

How Do You Feel About Abortion?

I have an hour commute to work every day, two hours if we consider my return. I enjoy this. I am able to read leisurely and smile at passengers getting on and off, who are a mixture of students, market women & men, and moms with their babies. Every so often, I’ll lift my eyes…

Does Liberia Have a Rape Culture?

Following Sweetz’ recounts of said event, a friend of mine had a conversation with a guy that exemplifies the ‘excuse’ aspect of rape culture. The guy said, ‘DenG must have thought Sweetz was playing hard to get.” Other sentiments also include, as can be seen in the screenshots attached, ‘Sweetz gave him the impression, it was not even rape.’

Sullen Truth

Abused and misused, Violated and desecrated, Disregarded and ignored, Misunderstood and prejudged; Are her efforts and abilities. Despite all she puts in; Marginalization and discrimination, Suppression and oppression, Are all she gets in return. Brokenness and weakness projected as her realities. The ‘strong and powerful’, you claim they are, But are they truly what you…

Typical Liberian Girl

He walked up to me and said, “You don’t look like a typical Liberian girl, Your diction is better and your skin is lighter.” I looked him in the eye and told him to his face, “I’m disappointed that I don’t look like a typical Liberian girl.” You see, a typical Liberian girl is beautiful…

Femininity II

Femininity: the idea that womanhood is being the fragile, quiet woman who submits to the man and respects his decisions because that’s how it should be. Therefore, my hobbies include: cooking, cleaning, and reading romantic novels. To find me, Search for the most quiet person in the room. And yes, talk to me anyhow; you…

The Middle Passage I

In an alternate historical and technological timeline, a young West African royal, Kou, struggles as she prepares to fit into her birth-given role as a Queen. With help from her twin, Saye, she fights the forces trying to tear her people apart. Will she save her people and find herself?

I am A Queen

Breaking waves and buildings tides Powers beyond compare Wisdom flowing like water from the falls of Kpatawe Bringing life to the soil and joy to desert lands Like rain from the sky, I am a blessing to this droughty earth Like the wild oceans, my spirit is untamed   I walk fearlessly, I have the…

My First Kiss

For many their first kiss is like their favorite movie Playing back and forth in their heads with stolen smiles For me it is a horror film I wish I had never watched   This horrific day still plays in my head Claws of memories continue to have a hold on me Yet I cast…

Racism & Sexism at Sajj House

So, in Liberia, a country in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a place that allows WHITE WOMEN to walk into Sajj un-harassed but doesn’t allow BLACK WOMEN. The only logical takeaway from that is “black women are almost always prostitutes or mostly poor so they shouldn’t be allowed into what is deemed an upstanding institution, unchaperoned.”