A new semester had just begun and on this very wet first Monday morning of school, I started making my way earlier than normal to beat the odds of being caught up and made late by much rain or cold. I stood in the queue more than thirty minutes waiting to finally catch the bus…

Women's Bodies & The Patriarchy

“The Patriarchy, the societal structure marked by the supremacy of ‘man’. This system has become a trope, a bogeyman, and a taboo utterance that women, feminists included, shy away from so as to not be labelled as ‘crazy.'” –Shari Raji

A Male’s Perspective of Feminism

“If we will have a balance of gender and a reduction in the continuous occurrence of violence against women and girls, society will have to balance off their so called feminist perspective.”

We Are Not Our Mothers

The new generation of Liberian women must aspire to have healthy marriages that nurture children to go on to respect the sanctity of marriage. Marriage na joke oh!

The True Meaning and Intent of Feminism

Let’s start by making this abundantly clear: Feminism is more Pro-men than Anti-men as most men, and even some women, like to see it. It simply tells the world that: women deserve the same opportunities and chances that men do, women are equally creative, innovative and intelligent as men and women are not asking for…

On Women and The Development of Patriarchy!

Read the first part of this series here In African societies, women stayed home in periods of war because of childbearing to look after the homes while the men were gone. An existential threat to the men became apparent—how were they to ensure the faithfulness of their women in their absence? This resulted in the…

Dating In Monrovia; Power & Sex

But NO! Sex is not only about procreation. God made humanity in His image to have dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:26); and I am positive that my parents use sex as an expression of their love for each other. My teachers taught me that besides reproduction, sex should also be about pleasure. I mean, before the discussion of sperm and egg, isn’t there a part about orgasm and pleasure points? Some of us learned how kissing is a stimulant and touching sensations make sex enjoyable.

Sleepless In Monrovia, Our Story

We launched Liberia’s first social justice blog, Sleepless in Monrovia (SiM) on March 12, 2018. With SiM, Liberians would no longer have to worry about where they can explore their thoughts and advance their creativity; no longer will poems and burning ideas rot in google docs or will Facebook be the only platform to discuss controversial issues.

LGIC: The Liberian Godpa Industrial Complex

It’s Fathers’ appreciation season, and everywhere around the world, people are finding ways to make special moments for their respective father figures. It’s charming really. All over my timeline are tributes to a young girl’s hero, a boy’s confidant, etc. Even I tweeted and ‘gramed a little touching moment I shared with my dad. We…

The Middle Passage II

Don’t worry I’m not only here to mock your lack of talent. The elders are calling a meeting. Even though you would have nothing to do with the complexities of the politics of the tribe, they cannot move forward without the decision of the Queen.”