Her Story

Curves of perfection, with room kind enough to birth nations.
Words of compassion, speaking light into darkness.
When God said let there be light, She was the light He spoke of; the great He thought of;
A secret for the world to ponder on…

Secret Love

“Fast forward, Love worked its wonders
and our hearts drew together like magnets.” –Darcess Dossen, Secret Love


This is for the girl who sells sour oranges on my street. I want to tell you so many things;   How I spell “beautiful” with the letters of your name And how your eyes smile along with your lips.   If Aphrodite was a human, she would look like you, The sun on your…

Typical Liberian Girl

He walked up to me and said, “You don’t look like a typical Liberian girl, Your diction is better and your skin is lighter.” I looked him in the eye and told him to his face, “I’m disappointed that I don’t look like a typical Liberian girl.” You see, a typical Liberian girl is beautiful…


The following message was approved by you for you and to you:    You are allowed to be YOU. You are allowed your smarts and your skills; to be unapologetically brilliant; to be intimidating; to show off.   You are allowed grandiose mistakes; allowed to fall face flat; and have dumb af moments.   You…

Justice is Guilty

Humbled, I stand before this grand court To argue our case… against ‘Justice’ On behalf of humanity, Humanity is sick! And Justice is one of the diseases.   Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury: They say ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’ Nowadays, Justice is not even delayed. It is simply being denied right from the…

First Impression

I’m a girl with dreams. I don’t wear it on my sleeves or so it seems. I’m not (just) a social media addict, I’m making moves, Don’t take one look and misjudge because my process is not smooth And public, ’cause I keep to myself. Building on huge dreams and focusing on my health It’s…

A Complex Concept of Reality

If energy were just sounds (they kinda are), you can picture all these different musical notes projecting out of you as a song. Your song travels out and the universe reverbs the song back to you….

Not My JOHN!

“It started with a punch then kicks and screams… With every single teardrop that falls from my eyes,
I couldn’t help but think “Not My JOHN”

A poem which highlights the effect of Stockholm Syndrome; the denial in an abused person.


Addiction: Fresh followers You’re always welcome, Kill emotions Like you never felt them. Addiction: Any religions and creeds, Any shade of skin, Whether your six hundred pounds, Or tiny, frail and thin. Addiction: Everyone’s friend, The equal-opportunity affliction, Accepting all candidates, Addiction: Open arms to the loser, Elite intelligence, Get played as the fool. Addiction:…