The Unjustifiable Fear of the Liberian ‘Elite’

On May 11, 2018, I was fortunate to join almost a hundred young individuals in a protest against racism, sexism, and discrimination in Liberia.  The protest was a fight against the racial and sexist policies of Sajj House, bar and restaurant in Liberia, discriminating against single black women. On the day of the protest, the…

Racism & Sexism at Sajj House

So, in Liberia, a country in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a place that allows WHITE WOMEN to walk into Sajj un-harassed but doesn’t allow BLACK WOMEN. The only logical takeaway from that is “black women are almost always prostitutes or mostly poor so they shouldn’t be allowed into what is deemed an upstanding institution, unchaperoned.”

A Sister Unheard

He took away fragments of her soul with every plunge.

She spoke up, but no one ever tried to listen.

Moment after moment of no one lending an ear to her plea, it continued on and on;

So… she just gave up on mentioning it.

Rooting for Blackness; Rooting for Women

A few nights ago, I was flipping through channels on my TV and I stumbled upon an episode of Chopped that was gone midway. Chopped is a food competition show on Food Network where four contestants cook and compete in four different rounds with a contestant being “chopped” (eliminated) after each round until there’s one…