We Are A Tribe

“In as much as we criticize and condemn the many wrongs, it is incredibly important that we highlight the things going right, whether it is political, educational, social, or entrepreneurial. This act is a demonstration of courage and a proclamation that all is not lost for Liberia.”

Who Thought This Was A Great Idea?

I practiced humility on the concrete sidewalks of Monrovia before I learned the formal definition on the well-moved lawns at my high school. I was 8. My coach gave me the #14 jersey with the name “Weah” printed on it for our first game, but I refused to wear it because I thought it was…

These Signs Are Not Good

Something as fundamental as paying teachers’ and civil servants’ salaries is being neglected. The possibility that a government succeeds if it doesn’t meet the needs of its people is very slim. What if we start to cut down on wasteful spending? What if someone can send a caveat to the “Country Giant” to cut down on his unnecessary travels?

Protest, a Form of Expression

Protest is a form of expression, protected by the constitution. Let those who can, express in all necessary manners. Let those who have mouths speak. Let those who have ears, hear. Let those who have power act, for the betterment of the people. Let those that love Liberia, prove it.

Shells for Justice

With its small and relatively new security agencies, and the fact that strong figures during the war like former warlord, now senator, Prince Yomi Johnson threaten violence if a war crimes court is established, security remains a major issue concerning a court for war crimes in Liberia.

How To Write About Liberia

When you write about Liberia, always use modifiers like  “war-torn”, “recovering”, ‘‘corrupt’’, “illiterate”, and “dirty”. Do not forget to speak about poor road networks, poor communication systems, poor health system, a messy education system, and just about everything bad depending on the length of what you’re writing.  Try to portray Liberia as a village consisting…

Does Liberia Have a Rape Culture?

Following Sweetz’ recounts of said event, a friend of mine had a conversation with a guy that exemplifies the ‘excuse’ aspect of rape culture. The guy said, ‘DenG must have thought Sweetz was playing hard to get.” Other sentiments also include, as can be seen in the screenshots attached, ‘Sweetz gave him the impression, it was not even rape.’

Fact Check: President Weah’s Second Annual State of the Nation Address

From the data given, majority of our roads and infrastructure is being built by foreign funds, which has cause some to wonder, “How does this stimulate our economy and provide jobs for our people?”

Liberia’s Drive to Macroeconomic Stability

When you hear the word “stability,” what comes to mind? I bet you start to think about synonyms like security, durability, safety, normality, reliability, firmness, and balance. In macroeconomics, stabilization refers to the reduction of a nation’s internal and external imbalances or simply finding the right balance with feasible macroeconomic policies. These balances, together with…

The Noxious Medical Situation at the Monrovia Central Prison

Dear Liberian Government,