We Are A Tribe

“In as much as we criticize and condemn the many wrongs, it is incredibly important that we highlight the things going right, whether it is political, educational, social, or entrepreneurial. This act is a demonstration of courage and a proclamation that all is not lost for Liberia.”

The Foreign Exchange Rate Saga

We elect someone that we believed “has a heart for Liberia,” and we are still subjugated to the same repetitive norm of failed leadership and total hardship.

Youths Must Unite to Effect Change

Dear Youths, Often times, we have been overlooked, marginalized, ignored, and forgotten about by the very people who we celebrate and applaud on a daily basis.  I just want to remind you all that nothing has changed since we began dancing to their tune! We are still living in destitution!  Regrettably, the very people we…

Fact Check: President Weah’s Second Annual State of the Nation Address

From the data given, majority of our roads and infrastructure is being built by foreign funds, which has cause some to wonder, “How does this stimulate our economy and provide jobs for our people?”

Liberia’s Drive to Macroeconomic Stability

When you hear the word “stability,” what comes to mind? I bet you start to think about synonyms like security, durability, safety, normality, reliability, firmness, and balance. In macroeconomics, stabilization refers to the reduction of a nation’s internal and external imbalances or simply finding the right balance with feasible macroeconomic policies. These balances, together with…

Africa Needs to Deviate from Depending​ on International Aid

We might all still be familiar with the phrase “Make America Great Again” that was popularized about a year ago. This was an agenda that was assertively pushed by current American President Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. In line with this phrase, I believe that African leaders too can work together with a policy…

Portrayal Matters

I, Shari, was standing outside a kebab kiosk (a type of sandwich stand) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with some friends and friends of friends at about 4 AM after clubbing the night away, as one does. We were a colorful mix of people: Sudanese, Malaysians, Liberian, French, and Kazakhs and we were all chit-chatting, getting…


We cannot move forward if we are devoid of the generation that preceded us; their successes, as well as their failures. But we also cannot disconnect from ourselves.

Through the Lens of an African Youth

After more than 60 years of independence, the story of the continent remains a sad one to tell. Though entrepreneurship and the Market in Africa are booming, ordinary Africans across many parts of the continent still struggle to meet basic social needs.

Tourism: An Alternative Solution to Unemployment in Liberia

Unfortunately, Liberia is not counted among those African countries that have benefited from the growth in tourism on the continent. I am an optimist, and I believe the future is bright. We can achieve the same level of tourism success in Liberia just as long as the people and the government start to explore the vast potential of our tourism industry.