Does Liberia Have a Rape Culture?

Following Sweetz’ recounts of said event, a friend of mine had a conversation with a guy that exemplifies the ‘excuse’ aspect of rape culture. The guy said, ‘DenG must have thought Sweetz was playing hard to get.” Other sentiments also include, as can be seen in the screenshots attached, ‘Sweetz gave him the impression, it was not even rape.’

More than a Victim

Even though he stands in her shadow staring at me, I can be more than a victim of these memories. All I ask is how does it feel to lose a virginity at will?
Too bad mine was stolen from me

16 Days of Activism: We are Unprotected

My earliest understanding of the vulnerability, the myriad of abuse and insecurity, women and girls face was the murder of Angel Togba back in November 2007. At the time, we were 8th-grade classmates at the Christ The King Catholic School. We didn’t have a personal relationship, but like the rest of Liberia, Angel’s murder overwhelmed…

Puzzles of Women Coming Out After Being Abused

In the wake of the recent testifying of Professor Blasey Ford against supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, as well as other high-profile men, I have seen a lot of people on social media asking the most ridiculous question, “Why do they wait for so many years before coming out?” These people sided with the accused…

Not More Than Us

More than me.  More than you. More than him. More than her. Is this more than us?   More than rape, More than abuse, This is more than sad; Way more than a scandal and cover-up. Yet, this isn’t more than justice!   It should be more than awareness, More than signing a petition, More…

More Than Serious

Over the past few days, Liberians on social media have been reacting to the documentary, Unprotected, by ProPublica in collaboration with Time Magazine. Unprotected shines light on how an American charity operating in Liberia, More Than Me (MTM), claimed to be “saving some of the world’s most vulnerable girls from sexual exploitation” while, from the…

Big Boy

I saw Aunty today, she was the same. I hadn’t seen her in ages. A while back, my third year in university in the US, I heard she got married. Now, apart from extra fat in her cheeks and a baby bump that created a gentle mold in her dress, aunty looked the same. She…

My Encounter with A Pedophile

“According to Plan International, 1 out of 3 women in the world gets beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in their lifetime.” Growing up as a child, I was fond of spending time with family members during the holidays and weekends; I had this one uncle that I loved so much because he treated…

My First Kiss

For many their first kiss is like their favorite movie Playing back and forth in their heads with stolen smiles For me it is a horror film I wish I had never watched   This horrific day still plays in my head Claws of memories continue to have a hold on me Yet I cast…

A Sister Unheard

He took away fragments of her soul with every plunge.

She spoke up, but no one ever tried to listen.

Moment after moment of no one lending an ear to her plea, it continued on and on;

So… she just gave up on mentioning it.