Kinks, Curls, and Coils

I began writing this piece by stating that I first got my hair permed when I was eight years old. But I was not so sure so I asked my sister to confirm how old I was.  She said she does not remember but she’s sure I was definitely younger than 8 years. The fact…

Not My JOHN!

“It started with a punch then kicks and screams… With every single teardrop that falls from my eyes,
I couldn’t help but think “Not My JOHN”

A poem which highlights the effect of Stockholm Syndrome; the denial in an abused person.


Addiction: Fresh followers You’re always welcome, Kill emotions Like you never felt them.   Addiction: Any religions and creeds, Any shade of skin, Whether your six hundred pounds, Or tiny, frail and thin. Addiction: Everyone’s friend, The equal-opportunity affliction, Accepting all candidates, Addiction: Open arms to the loser, Elite intelligence, Get played as the fool….