Women's Bodies & The Patriarchy

“The Patriarchy, the societal structure marked by the supremacy of ‘man’. This system has become a trope, a bogeyman, and a taboo utterance that women, feminists included, shy away from so as to not be labelled as ‘crazy.'” –Shari Raji

Secret Love

“Fast forward, Love worked its wonders
and our hearts drew together like magnets.” –Darcess Dossen, Secret Love

Breaking Free from the Unromantic and Inexpressive Culture

Kings, over the course of our lives, we all have, at some point or another, heard concerns from our Queens as to why most of us (African men) show no displays of affection, i.e. being romantic, as compared to our Caucasians counterparts. In this light, have any of us really sat down to muse as…


It sucks to be me because I trust too hard, I allow people in my life too easily and then I raise my hopes so high for things I know will never happen. It sucks to be me because I’m a crazy romantic who loves “LOVE” so I meet someone, we vibe well together then,…

Shells for Justice

With its small and relatively new security agencies, and the fact that strong figures during the war like former warlord, now senator, Prince Yomi Johnson threaten violence if a war crimes court is established, security remains a major issue concerning a court for war crimes in Liberia.

AFRICA, My Fallen Comforter

Mama Africa, From your sweet breast of rich milk, Your children have been healthily nourished. Nourished to walk on this struggling road to success; And that success, they’ve always struggled in vain to achieve. For being successful is as high as the peak of the mountain. Truly Mama! Days in, days out, success seems like…

Water and the City Monroe: An Unsolved Problem

I remember during the dark days right after the 2003 War, which led former President Charles G. Taylor to exile, the struggle for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country knew no private citizen nor public servant, neither did it know the poor, the middle class, nor the wealthy. We all trekked to various communities which had access to wells and hand pumps in search of any kind of water first, then worried about it being clean and safe.

Dear Lover

Dear Lover, I am not as happy as the 18 year old boy who just had his first kiss in the hallway of his mama’s house. I am too young to feel this old, as if love is not for those that grow up as they are supposed to. I run from my daily errands…

A Letter to My Leaders

Dear Leaders, I extend to you greetings from the founding fathers of this great continent, Africa, and bring to you a vital message from them: “Africa is sickened”. My name is Verchamoh L. Kamara. I may not be as eloquent as Former President Sirleaf was, but my message to you will be as clear as…

Our Fallen Queen

All hail the mother that flourishes in the midst of thorns and torment. The queen stripped of her throne and thrown to her dead yet suffers All hail the fallen Queen, the mother of warriors and princes Who have forgotten their worth and have turned to slaves. Buried their crowns and burned their garment, put…