My Journey to Milk & Honey

I wish I could tell you all about how I got here and how I made it this far. I didn’t have faith when I started this journey but where my faith has reached “da only God”. Hardship pushed me out of my country and the hope of milk and honey pulled me to Europe….

Take Over

(Inspired by George O. Weah, [POTROL] President of the Republic of Liberia) Take a moment, Take a picture, Take a boy Take a slum Take a ball Take a dream Take the fame Take a game Take a name Take a team Take I.E Take Tonnere Take Monaco Take PSG Take A.C.Milan Take Chelsea Take…

Homophobic Christians

It’s 2019 and I would like to say I’m surprised to still be having this conversation, but I’m not. This year alone, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to have this conversation with religious folks, especially Christians. Now, I grew up a practicing Christian so I know all about blindly using my…

Protest, a Form of Expression

Protest is a form of expression, protected by the constitution. Let those who can, express in all necessary manners. Let those who have mouths speak. Let those who have ears, hear. Let those who have power act, for the betterment of the people. Let those that love Liberia, prove it.

I sin, You sin, We all sin

I was raised in a home where we considered ourselves Christians. I say ‘considered’ because that’s how surface it was. We tried to follow some of the things we knew and learned but no one was asked, instructed or forced to learn the faith. I regularly went to church until the age of 10 and…

Uncle Musa

I was 10 He was older…a lot older I didn’t know his age, but I know he was older How old? Well, I called him uncle. He used to playfully rub my head and say “my frisky niece” But he would also squeeze the small knots on my chest and say “dey growin oh” He…

Sex or Love?

I recently got rejected, to my dismay and utter disbelief . I couldn’t, still can’t, fathom why I was. Perhaps this is why I write: to gain some clarity. The reason I was rejected, according to the person who rejected me, was a claim of heartbreak. I was told “I’ve just [been] hurt… now I’m…

Women's Bodies & The Patriarchy II

Do I regret helping a 14 year old girl, who was not prepared and did not want her pregnancy? No. I did and still do support her freedom to choose whether she kept it or not. Do I have friends who kept their teenage pregnancies and have children now? Yes. I support those friends choices as well.

Women's Bodies & The Patriarchy

“The Patriarchy, the societal structure marked by the supremacy of ‘man’. This system has become a trope, a bogeyman, and a taboo utterance that women, feminists included, shy away from so as to not be labelled as ‘crazy.'” –Shari Raji

Secret Love

“Fast forward, Love worked its wonders
and our hearts drew together like magnets.” –Darcess Dossen, Secret Love