The Foreign Exchange Rate Saga

We elect someone that we believed “has a heart for Liberia,” and we are still subjugated to the same repetitive norm of failed leadership and total hardship.

Till Death Do Us Part

From flowers bloom, to blooms decayed Like narcissus and his reflection We fell in love beside the river From rosy cheeks to dried bones entwined beneath the sycamore  We wander eternity together,  Wondering about a life spent in the illusion that is love. Till eternity elapses, I will be here  When they ask; “Who do…

Culture Shock- facing the unexpected ordeal

It all started when the flight I boarded from Morocco landed at JFK International Airport in New York. I was lost for a while; depending on the traveling experience of a man from Liberia whom I met in Casablanca—we talked about family, work, and school. Though older he was, his disposition and humility to share…

I am a Failure

I am a FAILURE! I’ve failed more times than I can remember  Yet, I’ve never stopped trying. Even when crying, Drowning in a pool of tears Created from the many years of do-overs  And sleepless nights – constructing my battle plans. Plans to win, never ever wanting to lose.  I’m entitled to first place, right? …

Who Thought This Was A Great Idea?

I practiced humility on the concrete sidewalks of Monrovia before I learned the formal definition on the well-moved lawns at my high school. I was 8. My coach gave me the #14 jersey with the name “Weah” printed on it for our first game, but I refused to wear it because I thought it was…

Youths Must Unite to Effect Change

Dear Youths, Often times, we have been overlooked, marginalized, ignored, and forgotten about by the very people who we celebrate and applaud on a daily basis.  I just want to remind you all that nothing has changed since we began dancing to their tune! We are still living in destitution!  Regrettably, the very people we…

These Signs Are Not Good

Something as fundamental as paying teachers’ and civil servants’ salaries is being neglected. The possibility that a government succeeds if it doesn’t meet the needs of its people is very slim. What if we start to cut down on wasteful spending? What if someone can send a caveat to the “Country Giant” to cut down on his unnecessary travels?

Educating Girls, My Inspiration- Leymah Gbowee

Fast forward to 2011, when I was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. My team sat me down and asked me, “now that you have won the Peace Prize, what do you wish to do? What is the legacy that you want to build?” Straight away, I knew my answer was “GIRLS’ EDUCATION”. I want to create a space where girls and young women, at least the ones who I encounter, no longer have to sleep with any person to pay their tuition fees. And for the last eight years, supporting girls’ education in Liberia through Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) has been my mission

List of Things Google Say About Liberia

They heard about the massacres & had our blood flowing in their teacups. They heard about the massacres & had our blood flowing in their teacups. The world had us in their living rooms & listened to our cries through their radios & TVs. The world carried us in their magazines, newspapers & so on….

A Quest To Teach & Learn With Integrity (3)

Click here to read the first three entries in this series I, II, As the struggle against academic malpractice continues, one should understand that it does not only affect a single institution, but the entire country. So, today, I will be giving my personal experience with academic malpractice from both my alma mater and what…