Patriarchy and Society’s Misconception on the Function of the Female Vagina

“Most men would no longer enjoy conversing with most women if they stopped bringing their vaginas along.”  ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana About two months ago, during one of my reflective moments, I randomly thought about sex and its impact on intimate relationships nowadays. I wanted to understand what would be the status of most relationships  in…

I am King

I am kingdom First name king I hail from divine melanin ancestry My heritage is rich and unparalleled The sufferings of those before me Emblazons and emboldens my quest I am free Not enslaved I am not a hashtag or a victim I am not discriminated against I am feared The thought of what I…

What Do You Do with Your Internet Data?

I know what you do with your internet data is none of my business. Trust me, my browser history is a testament of what I do with mine. It’s a closet full of secrets – only God knows. Recently, I decided to review records of my internet data consumption. I did not only realize I…

On Women and The Development of Patriarchy!

Read the first part of this series here In African societies, women stayed home in periods of war because of childbearing to look after the homes while the men were gone. An existential threat to the men became apparent—how were they to ensure the faithfulness of their women in their absence? This resulted in the…

On Women and The Development of Patriarchy!

Our time is poised with a myriad of reasons as the most engrossing time to talk about gender equality and the feminist philosophy in relations to the female social ontology and male biases installed in our social norms through more than two thousand years of evolution. The cultural and social result of the treatment of…


I grew up in a semi-perfect home, as I like to put it. Both of my parents were involved in the day to day activities of the house; they even took turns cooking, depending on who was home on a particular day. For the record, my dad makes the best potato greens I’ve ever tasted….

More than a Victim

Even though he stands in her shadow staring at me, I can be more than a victim of these memories. All I ask is how does it feel to lose a virginity at will?
Too bad mine was stolen from me

Too Much Skin

I constantly criticized everyone who dared to show some skin; it was not decent, it was not modest; it was simply unacceptable. I did not know that beneath all these criticisms was envy. I envied these daring women for how confident they were in their skin. I envied them because they could challenge an age-old perception and still emerged victorious, something that at that time, I would never muster the courage to do.