Youths Must Unite to Effect Change

Dear Youths, Often times, we have been overlooked, marginalized, ignored, and forgotten about by the very people who we celebrate and applaud on a daily basis.  I just want to remind you all that nothing has changed since we began dancing to their tune! We are still living in destitution!  Regrettably, the very people we…

African Methodist Episcopal University

We rise for the better  Your hammer mold us  Your flames refined us Like a chick under your wings We are safer come whatever Our days with you may be numbered  But your impact is carved in us forever Each time these stairs we modestly walk   True and fair, welcoming all in love Till the…

Religion and Women

One might argue that these Holy Books being written by all men was a deliberate attempt to diminish the roles women played in ancient religious times. There is no proof that women were also prophets and touched by God, but neither is there proof that ONLY men were sanctified and touched by God.

The Electorates

The electorates with undeniably the most powerful tool, the voting power, see themselves as the least important. Their secret and sacred might has been repeatedly ditched and dished out undeservedly in every given election situation.

My Journey to Milk & Honey

I wish I could tell you all about how I got here and how I made it this far. I didn’t have faith when I started this journey but where my faith has reached “da only God”. Hardship pushed me out of my country and the hope of milk and honey pulled me to Europe….

AFRICA, My Fallen Comforter

Mama Africa, From your sweet breast of rich milk, Your children have been healthily nourished. Nourished to walk on this struggling road to success; And that success, they’ve always struggled in vain to achieve. For being successful is as high as the peak of the mountain. Truly Mama! Days in, days out, success seems like…

A Letter to My Leaders

Dear Leaders, I extend to you greetings from the founding fathers of this great continent, Africa, and bring to you a vital message from them: “Africa is sickened”. My name is Verchamoh L. Kamara. I may not be as eloquent as Former President Sirleaf was, but my message to you will be as clear as…


Maybe if I was a little lighter Maybe if my curls were just a little looser Maybe if I had a little more ass Maybe if my figure was a little more curvy Maybe if the words that escaped my lips were cloaked with a little less accent Maybe if my bright colored prints didn’t…

Migration and the Role of Governance and Internet Actors

Most Liberians know of folks who have migrated, especially as a result of the 14-year Civil War. Others migrated in search of better opportunities, loved ones, or simply because they felt the desire to. One may argue that moving from one point to another (migration) is a basic human right – this we don’t dispute. However, illegal migration and the means through which people migrate illegally is dangerous, hence must be curtailed.

On Women and The Development of Patriarchy!

Read the first part of this series here In African societies, women stayed home in periods of war because of childbearing to look after the homes while the men were gone. An existential threat to the men became apparent—how were they to ensure the faithfulness of their women in their absence? This resulted in the…