Justice in the Liberian Society

Monrovia was not worth the hype. Upon my arrival, I had to face the irony of the environment and decide between the law and common sense. One evening in 2017, a ‘zogo’ jerked my phone and ran into the nearby community along the Somalia Drive. For a moment, I was devastated, then I became calm, and I let go. I accepted that my phone was gone and I just wanted to reach home safely and have a rest. After sitting in that jammed traffic for several minutes, I heard the sounds of an angry mob across the street chanting, “Rogue! Kill him; kill him.” I immediately stopped the driver, paid him and got out of the car to head straight to the scene. I didn’t want bloodshed. I do not support mob violence and logically speaking, why should someone be killed just because they stole a cell phone?

16 Days of Activism: We are Unprotected

My earliest understanding of the vulnerability, the myriad of abuse and insecurity, women and girls face was the murder of Angel Togba back in November 2007. At the time, we were 8th-grade classmates at the Christ The King Catholic School. We didn’t have a personal relationship, but like the rest of Liberia, Angel’s murder overwhelmed…

The Noxious Medical Situation at the Monrovia Central Prison

Dear Liberian Government,