Water and the City Monroe: An Unsolved Problem

I remember during the dark days right after the 2003 War, which led former President Charles G. Taylor to exile, the struggle for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country knew no private citizen nor public servant, neither did it know the poor, the middle class, nor the wealthy. We all trekked to various communities which had access to wells and hand pumps in search of any kind of water first, then worried about it being clean and safe.

Justice in the Liberian Society

Monrovia was not worth the hype. Upon my arrival, I had to face the irony of the environment and decide between the law and common sense. One evening in 2017, a ‘zogo’ jerked my phone and ran into the nearby community along the Somalia Drive. For a moment, I was devastated, then I became calm, and I let go. I accepted that my phone was gone and I just wanted to reach home safely and have a rest. After sitting in that jammed traffic for several minutes, I heard the sounds of an angry mob across the street chanting, “Rogue! Kill him; kill him.” I immediately stopped the driver, paid him and got out of the car to head straight to the scene. I didn’t want bloodshed. I do not support mob violence and logically speaking, why should someone be killed just because they stole a cell phone?

More than Placards: The Truths about Sexual Violence in Liberia

It’s good, I mean perfect, that we wear all black and march through the streets, lifting up our placards to raise awareness on the problems we cause ourselves. It’s important that we speak up against the acts we ignorantly orchestrated. The mere writings embedded on those placards and the mass gathering of aggrieved citizens calling…

Of Kindness and the Streets of Monrovia

Recently, I visited a popular nightclub in Monrovia and witnessed a form of kindness that I will never forget. Ever.   A lady walked to the bartender drunk as hell, almost to the point of throwing up. She had some money and an expensive smartphone. She put the money in her bra but held onto…

Your Life Is Not Only Yours

As the driver apologized and tried  to free the way, two guys walked over to our driver’s side of the car and started raining insults on him: “stupid driver, la you wrong (you are the one who is wrong), get your stupid seh (self) from here.” Our driver started to argue with the guys. At this point, we were all completely focused on our driver’s side of the car. Our attention was interrupted when I felt someone attempting to grab my phone from my hands through the opposite side of the vehicle.

Dating in Monrovia, Two Ladies’ Perspective

Now, Liberian men oh, we have a quick question for y’all, who told y’all that when you say “I love you” to a female, after knowing her for two goddamn seconds, she’ll somehow automatically just sleep with you? Okay, we understand, when you’re a kid and you don’t have a game yet, you say whatever you think you need to say to get into a girl’s pants. But when a grown-ass man comes with that line off the jump, it’s just baffling and off-putting.

Racism & Sexism at Sajj House

So, in Liberia, a country in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a place that allows WHITE WOMEN to walk into Sajj un-harassed but doesn’t allow BLACK WOMEN. The only logical takeaway from that is “black women are almost always prostitutes or mostly poor so they shouldn’t be allowed into what is deemed an upstanding institution, unchaperoned.”

April Blues

The overwhelming illiteracy coupled with the grinding poverty prevented the majority of the population from comprehending that such vandalism and destruction could not possibly herald anything but hardship and adversity.

Yes, This Too is Harassment

Suddenly, put a girl in the equation and my vagina is up for grabs?  Am I nothing more than a piece of ass? This objectivity is insanely absurd!