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Liberian Girl Magic

Dear LiberianGirl, Do you see us freeing ourselves, from the narratives written by “people abroad?” Read a blog post yesterday, with your voice and your name and your face – shoutout to SiM. Now you speak up and show up and show out Embracing your power and strength and worth Do you smile at the men…

The Influence of Art on a Society and How Liberia Can Learn from It

Traditional masks, murals, painted storefronts, and paintings of beautifully shaped African women in village settings; these are a few reminders of the presence of art in Liberia. Not all meets the eye from a single day’s drive through the vibrant city of Monrovia. In-fact, if one is not observant, understanding the movements and soul of…

Message by the Ink

Over 170 years ago, some of our forefathers were here and others came and they set eyes on the most beautiful thing called freedom. They felt liberation clawing its way free from beneath their skin from the first glimpse of land while still at sea. I still feel the anxiety to get off the ship…

The Middle Passage II

Don’t worry I’m not only here to mock your lack of talent. The elders are calling a meeting. Even though you would have nothing to do with the complexities of the politics of the tribe, they cannot move forward without the decision of the Queen.”

The Middle Passage I

In an alternate historical and technological timeline, a young West African royal, Kou, struggles as she prepares to fit into her birth-given role as a Queen. With help from her twin, Saye, she fights the forces trying to tear her people apart. Will she save her people and find herself?

Preservation of Liberian Traditions

How can one preserve a traditional practice like this when it has no health benefits for women and girls?


We cannot move forward if we are devoid of the generation that preceded us; their successes, as well as their failures. But we also cannot disconnect from ourselves.

Racism & Sexism at Sajj House

So, in Liberia, a country in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a place that allows WHITE WOMEN to walk into Sajj un-harassed but doesn’t allow BLACK WOMEN. The only logical takeaway from that is “black women are almost always prostitutes or mostly poor so they shouldn’t be allowed into what is deemed an upstanding institution, unchaperoned.”

Domestic Violence, the New Cool?

But deep-rooted in all of these sad events, is the fact Bucky Raw deserves absolutely no sympathy for abusing his daughter’s mother. Domestic violence is a criminal offense and it should not be taken lightly simply because the perpetrator is a celebrity. People should not pass off domestic violence as a ‘mistake’ in order to avoid conversations surrounding the nature of the rapper’s choice.