Contributing Writers


Valdemar Reeves, Contributing Writer

Valdemar Reeves was born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia. He recently graduated  with a BSC in Economics and Business Administration from Edinboro University Pennyslvania. Valdemar plans to pursue a MBA in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship with goals of launching his own Non-profit Organization in Liberia. Valdemar has a great sense of humor when it comes to people and relations. He respects everyone for who they are and believes that everyone should have a voice on issues.

girlchild Contributing Writer

girlchild is the pseudonym for a feminist who is aggrieved by the pervasive nature of misogyny in Liberia. Having lived in a patriarchal society, and experiencing first hand the harms caused by the social construct of gender roles, girlchild values gender equality, individuality and economic independence.

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Beulah Nimene, Contributing Writer

Beulah Nimene, a writer and poet, is a freshman student at the Cuttington University reading Economics and Management. She currently holds the title of most eloquent speaker of the Liberia National High School Debate Tournament and she presently volunteers with Youth for Change( organizers of the Liberia National High School Debate Tournament). She is also the founder and co host of Youth and Society (shows on Light TV Satcom) as well as a member of team Liberia.

Darcess D1
Darcess Dossen, Contributing Writer

Darcess is a graduate of the J.J.Roberts United Methodist School (2012 Valedictorian). He is currently a sophomore student at the University of Liberia where he studies Geology. Darcess is very passionate about writing and the expression of diverse ideas. As an active member of the Liberian Poet Society and an affiliate member of the Liberian Association of Writers, he uses writing to inspire and motivate his peers.


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