A Sad World!

This world has never seen a happy man since its creation!

I know many people will question my statement; but before you ask, allow me to explain why I came up with this. For I think it possesses the ability to impact our beautiful planet and it’s 8 billion inhabitants.

Life as we know it is what makes us unique and sets us apart from other planets in our universe. It comes with many adversities, so much that even the wisest, wealthiest, world leaders both religious and political have failed to evade its complexities. Because life is so vague, we are placed in a space of continuous problem-solving. Amongst these problems, the most stringent ones are those that affect us emotionally; this includes problems with our relationships, families, lack of opportunities, health, and societal pressures which none of us are immune to. 

A few days ago, a Prince from the richest monarchy on earth decided to move out of his family’s castle because of issues relating to family and relationship; this shows that these problems are beyond borders. Many of us have heard that the rich have their own sickness, and we’ve gone as far as labeling it “the rich people sickness”. It shows evidence that wealth or surplus cash has failed in providing true happiness. A sad world!!

Let us think about it. If the wealthy have failed in their search of happiness, how about those middle class and the poor? Are they even close to happiness?

This world is a sad place! 

We haven’t seen a resurrection, so obviously, we can’t give an account of what precisely it is like in the afterlife. To add to the misery of life, our Justice systems have failed, our leaders remain as corrupt as ever, we are dying from a variety of diseases without cure, our lives are miserable, and our families and societies remain stern. 

This world is a sad place.

Authored by Jerome Saydee

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