Till Death Do Us Part

From flowers bloom, to blooms decayed

Like narcissus and his reflection

We fell in love beside the river

From rosy cheeks to dried bones entwined beneath the sycamore 

We wander eternity together, 

Wondering about a life spent in the illusion that is love.

Till eternity elapses, I will be here 

When they ask; “Who do you choose?”

I will tell them even after my death; 

“It will always be you.”

A dead world we have engaged,

But this love shall live 

Even after my flesh has decayed, 

And my thoughts died,

My bones shall forever hug you. 

If death could stop us

We wouldn’t be here now,

So where the world ends, 

Our love will surely transcend.

As stories of untold tales entangle with ours, 

Our hearts shall uproot the smell of trust 

In the cemetery of doubts. 

Death was a word that held no power, 

Not until my eyes laid upon you. 

Some day, when words are seen as swords, 

I will pierce through doubts to believe in you ..

This love is the beginning and the end for us

I promise to be here till my bone is dust

Sometimes my flaws might make you question my trust

Same way your priorities make me question your love

To me you’re an Eve, so I am trying to be Adam

You’re so dear to me like the French word l’argent

I know love is real because I am experiencing the outcome.

Your love is my most prized possession 

Your smile is  the light of my tunnel 

Being out of reach of your love is my darkest fear 

Romance may be just a line from my favorite book yet heartache is the epitome of my defeat.

Dreamy romance never departs from my thoughts 

 As only the sun ray guid s your truth 

My love for you would  never be a myth.

Oh Te amo! Oh te amo!

In the deep dark forest, between the broken woods 

In your presence I surrender, upon my pride I kneel

I’ll scream internally for my voice I’ve lost 

But these words, I mean, and will forever be true

Not these sacred acts, nor the mortal abuse

To rip off our flesh, and scramble our fate

Would derail the bond on our path 

So even when I’m dead, and falling prey to the dust

My love would forever stay to demonstrate what I’d live for.

And as we lay at the palace of skulls,

Body hooked on body like a magnet,

We remind those that doubt that true love exists.

Even death watches in awe as his failed attempts to separate us proved fruitless.

Under the light of the moon and starry night, with trees in the wild serving as witnesses, 

we consummate our love, even with weary old bones and fractured skulls.

We know they’ll tell tales about our love for it is rare, breathtaking and one of a kind.

Authored by Alplato Padmore, Darcess Dossen, William Anderson, Wainright Acquoi, Curtis Itoka, Jay Hoff, Dounard Bondo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m in total awe; I can’t stop reading. I was one person who doubted love throughout my life, but reading this piece takes me down a rethink journey.
    Interestedly, I’m not shocked at these catchy words. Wainwright is a love bird.

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