African Methodist Episcopal University

We rise for the better 

Your hammer mold us 

Your flames refined us

Like a chick under your wings

We are safer come whatever

Our days with you may be numbered 

But your impact is carved in us forever

Each time these stairs we modestly walk  

True and fair, welcoming all in love

Till the day we leave these walls 

White and green not in shame

In Pursuit of Excellence words and deeds 

Faith, Academic Excellence, Integrity, Stewardship, Diversity and Liberty retained 

As you push to expand for the awaiting 

Keeping the flame of hope in this land burning 

A jewel in your corner 

Lighting the world each second 

A steward of the positive ones 

Selflessly polishing our minds 

To rise up like the sun

In the wake of uncertainties 

Your faith has never faded

A model of African leadership

Each time, awakening our spirits

Nurturing us in every perspective 

Authored by Moses Saywrayne

Featured Image by AMEU

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