Take Over

(Inspired by George O. Weah, [POTROL] President of the Republic of Liberia)

Take a moment,

Take a picture,

Take a boy

Take a slum

Take a ball

Take a dream

Take the fame

Take a game

Take a name

Take a team

Take I.E

Take Tonnere

Take Monaco

Take PSG

Take A.C.Milan

Take Chelsea

Take Man City

Take Marseille

Take Al-Jazira

Take Lonestar, Take over

Take a face

Take a place

Take Liberia

Take Cameroun

Take Africa

Take Italy

Take France

Take England

Take Europe

Take UAE

Take Asia

Take the World

Take the World? Yeah

Take the World!

Take awards

Take African best

Take European best

Take World best

Take the rest

Take them all,

Take over

Taking over

Takes a toll

Takes a lot

Takes hard work

Takes sweat

Takes tears

Takes years

Takes will

Takes skills

Takes time to fulfill

Takes talent

Takes commitment

Takes education

Takes education?

Take a second

Takes a deep breath

Takes ambition

Takes dedication

Take actions

Take your time,

Take over

Take rewards

Take titles

Take Ambassador

Take Senator

Take the Presidency

Take His Excellency

Take entire country,

But take corruption

Take a stand

Take a shot

Take it down

Takes me

Takes you

Takes Liberians

Takes the downtrodden

Takes the affluent

Takes the educated

Takes the uneducated, too

Takes us all

To take our dreams

And take us forward

Authored by Alieu Massaley

Featured picture by Seren Fraytt

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