The Battle Within

You call it foolishness

I call it my truth.

The way I choose to walk

In the world will no longer be determined by you

When I’m the one who’s affected;

Eternally bruised,

My self esteem scarred way during the days of my youth.

The fear of rejection from the people I love

Has forced me to create a facade of Myself

A facade consciously crafted on the foundation of self hate and insecurity;

Oblivious to the detrimental impact of self distraction.

I’ve become a monster, projecting my insecurities towards others;

Allowing envy to overshadow confidence and bitterness override compassion,

I’m lost; searching for outward enemies when my real demon is the inner me.

Authored by Sekou Kamara

Featured picture by Kristina Gubova 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Powerful poetry and artwork. Love it!

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