This is in honor of my African heritage. In honor of all those who celebrate their African so proudly and so brightly, regardless of the grief they get for that celebration.
I am who I am today because of the riches my culture has provided me. Our diversity has taught me tolerance- the kind of tolerance that has allowed me to share and gain from so many beautiful people. Our music, art, dance, food, rhythm…man, our rhythm… they’ve all provided me with a kind of taste that makes life so enjoyable. We all know how the media loves to broadcast our downfalls like that’s all we have to offer…. but man…. this strength I have… this adaptability that makes it possible to win all these battles that I’ve won…. that is the African strength that MY Africa has provided me. Strength that has been passed down through the knowledge my ancestors gained from their fight for freedom, the strength that my bloodline gained through their fight for peace, and the strength that I’ve gained through my fight for change.
So again, this is in honor of my African heritage. I am celebrating my African people for all the beauty that we bring into this world. I am celebrating those who wear their African so very proudly, and even those who are learning to do so.

Artwork by Matina Jaimah (
@Jaimahmedia on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr )

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