A Chronicle of Womanhood

A journey through the valley of backhanded compliments,

Through insecurities, brokenness, fear, and torment.

Yet, I am here.

For I am a warrior.

With a bruised face, broken bones;

Feeling alone, thoughts of death have crossed my mind.

Yet I fight,

For I am a survivor.

Body shamed, dented pride;

Soul chained soul to a pole,

Naked for the world to see.

Untold stories of my bloody past;

Sealed lips, scar heart.

Yet I tell my story,

For I am a narrator.

Today I say NO!

“No” to the demons telling me “You can’t”,

And “YES” to the woman I am.

Today I walk;

I walk through these storms unafraid;

Shaking off your nasty words,

I throw them back in your face.

Today, I say “No!”

“No” to being beaten by you;

I’ve packed my bags and move on.

I refuse to look back;

I will never be enslaved by you again.

Today! Yes, today;

I embrace my body and wear my flaws with pride.

Today, I break the mold your misogyny have formed.

Spreading the beauty my insecurities hid.

Today I am butterfly; no more a caterpillar.

Though I’ve journeyed;

Journeyed through the valley of the shadow of doubts,

I am here!

And this is where you give me the respect I deserve.

For I am a hero!

Authored by Beulah Nimene

Featured Picture by Detrisscia McLean 

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