Sullen Truth

Abused and misused,

Violated and desecrated,

Disregarded and ignored,

Misunderstood and prejudged;

Are her efforts and abilities.

Despite all she puts in;

Marginalization and discrimination,

Suppression and oppression,

Are all she gets in return.

Brokenness and weakness projected as her realities.

The ‘strong and powerful’, you claim they are,

But are they truly what you make them out as?

Why suppress her, if you are so sure?

Truth is, you are afraid that she’ll glow

Brighter than the sun, when left to reign in glory.

In the face of all you do,

She rises against the odds.

By the day,

She stands up stronger,

Fighting for what she knows she deserves!

Authored by Tealee Brown 

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