First Impression

I’m a girl with dreams.

I don’t wear it on my sleeves or so it seems.

I’m not (just) a social media addict,

I’m making moves,

Don’t take one look and misjudge because my process is not smooth

And public, ’cause I keep to myself.

Building on huge dreams and focusing on my health

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows either

As the filters make it seem

I’m smiling in selfies but inside I’m eager

To work out the kinks in the theme

That I’m building my near future around.

At night, while browsing, it echoes around me like surround sound.

So my streaks, posts, stories, and tweets are not a scale

In comparison to my life goals, they pale.

I’m just a multi-tasker, maybe I make it look easy

I will filter and tweet, but that doesn’t make me lazy.

And don’t stay away because of the scowl on my face

Multitasking is a lot of work, and so it sets the pace

To which my ever active brain works.

I’m so not “perfect”, filled to the brim with flaws and quirks

I’m just like you, my precious little wallflower.

I have dreams and goals, I feel pains.

But we’re not all introverts, some of us were made to empower

Don’t try your hardest to focus on the little things.


Authored by Andrea Hare

Featured Picture by MARISA MCGILL


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