Masculinity: the idea that manhood is the summation of athletic abilities, senseless violence,  sexual conquest and lack of emotional capacity.   Therefore, My hobbies include: Tapping the cutest ass in the room, Making bitches stay humble, and not taking shit from anyone. To get my attention, Just post a snap at home or text me…

A Sister Unheard

He took away fragments of her soul with every plunge.

She spoke up, but no one ever tried to listen.

Moment after moment of no one lending an ear to her plea, it continued on and on;

So… she just gave up on mentioning it.


She moves with fearlessness yet gracefully. Her actions are swift and remorseless, Her strides are full of gallantry but mysterious. She bears the face of the ‘Grim Reaper.’ She consoles the victim but chastises the victor Of all unfaithful unions. Such is the fierceness of her justice, Giving hope to the fallen. Her revenge is…

My Mistake​

Drowning in the toxicity of different emotions,

Overshadowed by what was perceived to be love,

I screamed for help, but no one could hear me;

Not even the esteem of self.