I am A Queen

Breaking waves and buildings tides Powers beyond compare Wisdom flowing like water from the falls of Kpatawe Bringing life to the soil and joy to desert lands Like rain from the sky, I am a blessing to this droughty earth Like the wild oceans, my spirit is untamed   I walk fearlessly, I have the…

Not My JOHN!

“It started with a punch then kicks and screams… With every single teardrop that falls from my eyes,
I couldn’t help but think “Not My JOHN”

A poem which highlights the effect of Stockholm Syndrome; the denial in an abused person.


Addiction: Fresh followers You’re always welcome, Kill emotions Like you never felt them.   Addiction: Any religions and creeds, Any shade of skin, Whether your six hundred pounds, Or tiny, frail and thin. Addiction: Everyone’s friend, The equal-opportunity affliction, Accepting all candidates, Addiction: Open arms to the loser, Elite intelligence, Get played as the fool….

My First Kiss

For many their first kiss is like their favorite movie Playing back and forth in their heads with stolen smiles For me it is a horror film I wish I had never watched   This horrific day still plays in my head Claws of memories continue to have a hold on me Yet I cast…