Strong Black Woman

How unique is a strong black woman? Full of grace and beauty. She’s not to be played with. She believes she can do anything, And is adored, because of her bravery. Strong black woman, She has a heart that is pure as gold Her love is patient, unending and kind. She gives others joy even…


What if I told you I’m the seed of your existence? Would you rape me then? Overlook me then? I am a woman; I am significant. A beautiful precious crescent, sweet and pleasant; I deserve your respect, I deserve to be celebrated. I am a teenager; was raped and I now have a child that…

Mind Versus Me

HerI have been here before; on different days, but definitely at this same spot. Everything is familiar; the whispers are so loud in my head that I want to jump out of my skin. My mind is at war with me. I wish my mind and I could make amends and become friends but my…

Mama Liberia

Why do you weep mama Liberia?  Is it because your dream of having a bright future is thrown in the sea?  Is it because you are not well taken care of?  You lack good leaders, good roads, economic and educational system and power supplies. Are these the reasons?  Or is it because all of your…


Scum is “it’s not you, it’s me,” when you were leaving after you cheated. Scum is me begging you to stay, because I couldn’t breathe without you. Scum is cupid and his useless arrows, and I, his unwilling victim Cursing me with the desire to feel all over again, a Prometheus with his punishment. “Did…

Her Story

Curves of perfection, with room kind enough to birth nations.
Words of compassion, speaking light into darkness.
When God said let there be light, She was the light He spoke of; the great He thought of;
A secret for the world to ponder on…

I am a Failure

I accept that I don’t have to be perfect to be the best.
I know being my best is always better than being the best,
Because there are about 8 billion kinds of “normal”.
The only thing I can ever do 100% every time I try,
Is to be myself.


We are told what to do, by everything trending.
Confined in a box, our insecurities have grown stronger.
For all our eyes have been trained to see is “perfection,”
And sharing normal life struggles has become an abomination.

Here We Are Again

Here we are again On the highway of injustice At the crossroads of racial discrimination At the boulevard of segregation At the checkpoint of black oppression Here we are again Where is the total emancipation you promised us? Where is our freedom to be black? Why do you have us on overwatch on your over…

Take Over

(Inspired by George O. Weah, [POTROL] President of the Republic of Liberia) Take a moment, Take a picture, Take a boy Take a slum Take a ball Take a dream Take the fame Take a game Take a name Take a team Take I.E Take Tonnere Take Monaco Take PSG Take A.C.Milan Take Chelsea Take…