Sex Education in Liberia, II

Shari Raji When I was about 5 years old, I went into the bathroom to shower with an older girl who lived with my parents. This was something we did daily. But on this particular day, she told me to that she couldn’t shower with me because Aunt Flo was visiting and that if I…

Sex Education in Liberia

A Male’s Perspective of Feminism

“If we will have a balance of gender and a reduction in the continuous occurrence of violence against women and girls, society will have to balance off their so called feminist perspective.”

How Do You Feel About Abortion?

I have an hour commute to work every day, two hours if we consider my return. I enjoy this. I am able to read leisurely and smile at passengers getting on and off, who are a mixture of students, market women & men, and moms with their babies. Every so often, I’ll lift my eyes…

Sex, Love and Romance in Popular Culture

In my opinion, the idea that vaginal discharges mean a woman has orgasmed is as ridiculous as assuming that a man has orgasmed simply because of the existence of pre-cum.

We Are Not Our Mothers

The new generation of Liberian women must aspire to have healthy marriages that nurture children to go on to respect the sanctity of marriage. Marriage na joke oh!

Let’s Keep It Professiona​l​

Navigating the professional world as a young, “attractive”, female-identifying individual means walking a straight line of politeness and amiability without ever veering into the territory of flirtation- which is nearly impossible as a simple smile can be, and is often, misconstrued as a come-hither invitation.

Justice in the Liberian Society

Monrovia was not worth the hype. Upon my arrival, I had to face the irony of the environment and decide between the law and common sense. One evening in 2017, a ‘zogo’ jerked my phone and ran into the nearby community along the Somalia Drive. For a moment, I was devastated, then I became calm, and I let go. I accepted that my phone was gone and I just wanted to reach home safely and have a rest. After sitting in that jammed traffic for several minutes, I heard the sounds of an angry mob across the street chanting, “Rogue! Kill him; kill him.” I immediately stopped the driver, paid him and got out of the car to head straight to the scene. I didn’t want bloodshed. I do not support mob violence and logically speaking, why should someone be killed just because they stole a cell phone?

Migration and the Role of Governance and Internet Actors

By March, 2019, thousands of Liberians who immigrated to the U.S due to the civil war, Ebola crisis, and other reasons will be faced with deportation as their legal status expires. Many are calling for an extension of their status to legally stay in the U.S. Why? Because of the lack of trust in their governments to provide the livelihood conditions they currently enjoy in the U.S as compared to home. If their deportation pushes through, their return may create some burden on society. The role of our government is to reintegrate these migrants back into society.

Migration and the Role of Governance and Internet Actors

Most Liberians know of folks who have migrated, especially as a result of the 14-year Civil War. Others migrated in search of better opportunities, loved ones, or simply because they felt the desire to. One may argue that moving from one point to another (migration) is a basic human right – this we don’t dispute. However, illegal migration and the means through which people migrate illegally is dangerous, hence must be curtailed.