Her Story

Curves of perfection, with room kind enough to birth nations.
Words of compassion, speaking light into darkness.
When God said let there be light, She was the light He spoke of; the great He thought of;
A secret for the world to ponder on…

I Cheat, In the Shower

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Arelius  San Francisco – It was a long train ride to work, a wave of people aboard, and a very scenic route. I was exhausted, having already walked 20 minutes from home to the…

I’m Not BOSSY, I’m the BOSS

It would not cross his mind to point out to another man that he was “hard” or “bossy” because a man in my shoes would simply be “a boss”…Because how can a woman possibly be strong and powerful and not be an absolute, cold-hearted bitch, right?

Religion and Women

One might argue that these Holy Books being written by all men was a deliberate attempt to diminish the roles women played in ancient religious times. There is no proof that women were also prophets and touched by God, but neither is there proof that ONLY men were sanctified and touched by God.

The Electorates

The electorates with undeniably the most powerful tool, the voting power, see themselves as the least important. Their secret and sacred might has been repeatedly ditched and dished out undeservedly in every given election situation.

My Journey to Milk & Honey

I wish I could tell you all about how I got here and how I made it this far. I didn’t have faith when I started this journey but where my faith has reached “da only God”. Hardship pushed me out of my country and the hope of milk and honey pulled me to Europe….

Homophobic Christians

It’s 2019 and I would like to say I’m surprised to still be having this conversation, but I’m not. This year alone, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to have this conversation with religious folks, especially Christians. Now, I grew up a practicing Christian so I know all about blindly using my…

Protest, a Form of Expression

Protest is a form of expression, protected by the constitution. Let those who can, express in all necessary manners. Let those who have mouths speak. Let those who have ears, hear. Let those who have power act, for the betterment of the people. Let those that love Liberia, prove it.

I sin, You sin, We all sin

I was raised in a home where we considered ourselves Christians. I say ‘considered’ because that’s how surface it was. We tried to follow some of the things we knew and learned but no one was asked, instructed or forced to learn the faith. I regularly went to church until the age of 10 and…

Sex or Love?

I recently got rejected, to my dismay and utter disbelief . I couldn’t, still can’t, fathom why I was. Perhaps this is why I write: to gain some clarity. The reason I was rejected, according to the person who rejected me, was a claim of heartbreak. I was told “I’ve just [been] hurt… now I’m…