We Are Not Protected

We now live in a society (Liberia, precisely) where justice is being compromised, and because of this we have become vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. They say, “She enticed the guy by exposing her breast, her legs, her curves; she was exposed, so he lost self control and raped her.” How about the infant?…

How To Write About Liberia

When you write about Liberia, always use modifiers like  “war-torn”, “recovering”, ‘‘corrupt’’, “illiterate”, and “dirty”. Do not forget to speak about poor road networks, poor communication systems, poor health system, a messy education system, and just about everything bad depending on the length of what you’re writing.  Try to portray Liberia as a village consisting…

Your Life Is Not Only Yours

As the driver apologized and tried  to free the way, two guys walked over to our driver’s side of the car and started raining insults on him: “stupid driver, la you wrong (you are the one who is wrong), get your stupid seh (self) from here.” Our driver started to argue with the guys. At this point, we were all completely focused on our driver’s side of the car. Our attention was interrupted when I felt someone attempting to grab my phone from my hands through the opposite side of the vehicle.

The Power of Choice

Whether it is the decision you make between what is right and what is wrong, the discernment between good and evil, the option you take between riding a taxi to go home or just strolling, staying home to study the day before a test or falling to peer pressure and going out all night to…

A Complex Concept of Reality

If energy were just sounds (they kinda are), you can picture all these different musical notes projecting out of you as a song. Your song travels out and the universe reverbs the song back to you….