Before Hitting My Stride

Today feels a bit tranquil, a bit surreal; 

my spirit remains heightened, and emotions serene and unruffled. 

What was once a card up my sleeve has manifested itself as a golden opportunity 

which I can pursue to hit my stride.

Uncouth is the emotion racing through my nerves,

an emotion of change, of elation, of creation and of a new me

Never before had I been so awestruck

But I know that what happens multiple times after, must happen for the first time

It has only been two shakes of a lamb’s tail 

Since SMART Liberia would come my way: to help a lame dog over a stile

Just enough to keep the wolf from the door.

A day filled with joy was once filled with void 

And I had to drive a hard bargain with life in order to win a token

All by sweat and blood, belief and commitment, and by a robust action taken.

I was not born to the purple—not with a silver spoon; 

and you can’t expect much from a lame duck

Impossible it only seemed to put in the “ten thousand hours” 

Just as you can’t imagine what a genius you are with an innate talent.

But here I find myself driving over a milestone to set the record 

Coming from a background of a low social heritage, and going to the land of “Manifest Destiny”

Where I will transform my sweat into sugar to sweeten my coffee

To reshape my life, my story, and the perspective I once held about my fate 

What’s more, to become an inspiration to others and to testify the goodness of the Almighty:

Looking behind at yesterday, smiling at what a stalwart human being  God has made me to hit his stride.

Indeed I’m Destined; the blue-eyed ball of my father 

Courage is what I breed; 

Just as a pond breeds fish, an African country breeds stout men

I have no room to be a coward and limit my ability in climbing success’s peak 

For my mother left me at the tender age of eight 

After which life became worthless 

And my survival from that dark hole simplifies the resilience l will continue to foster..

Now, I can only hitch my wagons to a star!

Now to you my father, Mr. Sehgbean

To you my brothers: Alex and Blessing 

To you, quadrants of my circle: Betetnnal and Bellington 

And to you my special friend and brother, Joseph:

It’s time to close our novel story, to begin a new one elsewhere  

The cold breeze of the World’s Superpower that calls people unto her has called me

and I must climb the steps of Brussels in obedience to her order.

Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart

Stay with the belief that our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime

Take the best out from everything and forget the rest

Be well, keep working hard, and life has a place for us to meet again.

Authored by Destined Darlington Sehgbean Jr.

Featured Picture by Ligerian Optics

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