A New Chapter

It was a very rigorous journey,

I tumbled and got up,

Things went wrong and then right again; 

I survived the trying times, 

When I thought I couldn’t, the storms passed,

When I thought I wouldn’t, I smiled and laughed and cried; above it all, I loved.

I lost, I won;

I found the meaning and lost it again,

Sometimes it did hurt when nobody cared to listen when they should have; things ended when they shouldn’t have; people departed when they should have stayed.

Sometimes it did hurt, but through every throw I became solid.

I became the person that I am now, a better person;

A person who is pained, but a better person nonetheless,

I’ve learned, I’ve dreamt and I’ll know what’s better the next time,

Time wasn’t always on my side, but I’m more equipped; 

More fit, and more demure today, because I know there are still many things that I will encounter and that’s okay.

I asked “What if”?

“What if I do this?” “What if I do that?”


I was censured, I was discriminated, I was manhandled, I was bullied, and I came across finaglers, but if I’d known better, I would’ve understood,

If I were stronger, I would’ve accepted the dereliction,

If only I harbored what was inevitable, I would have done better.

But again, that’s okay,

That’s why it’s called LIFE;

It contains an “IF” in the middle.

Life has a lot of “ifs,”

I had to be calm and accept the challenges everyday. 

But do you know what I think is best about life?

You never know what will come up next, that’s why life is always a jaw-dropper. 

Life’s always unpredictable; if not, then what’s the essence of living everyday if you already have in mind what will happen next? 

It’s like watching a rerun of your favorite show;

It’d be nice, but it will bore you eventually.

LIVE! That’s what life is all about.

People came and people left;

Only a few who stayed, and I treasure them.

There are only a few true ones, and that’s a fact.

Some people smiled at me, some were nice to me;

Some seemed like friends, but when situations changed, they disappeared one after the other.

There were some people who hurt me, but as a rooted mountain’s rock, I stand firm. 

There were some people who took advantage of me, used me and broke me down, but here I am; I overcame it all. 

I may feel more pain, more heartaches, more frustrations, but I will not be broken again, 

Because I have been there and I have done that. 

I have survived the battles and came out as a winner. 

I’ve learned from them;  

They have made me insightful and given me unimaginable experiences.

I may be hurt again, but I’ll be able to walk away. 

I was reborn from the ashes and the ruins of my previous self, and now, I am a new brave warrior who’s prepared to face all the challenges.

I may be wounded, but that only makes me braver because I believe in myself now.

Life is foul, life is laborious, life is hell, life is implausible, 

But life is also where you can find yourself, your love, your puissance and your purpose. 

This is 2020 and without limitations, I’m moving forward with my head high. 

A new chapter has been unclogged and I perceive that the very best is on its way for me this year.

Authored by Bridgette Davis

Featured Image by uscatholic.org

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