The Power of Intergeneration

When a section of the society refers to the young people as a problem that needs to be solved, it is mind boggling. On the other hand, young people referring to the older generation as the cause of society’s woes is like throwing stones where a close relative of yours might just get injured. 

When applying for a job, it is painful to realize that, in most cases, you must have at least three years of job experience. The question is, how or where do they expect you to get job experience from if they do not give it to you? I know not getting a job is a painful experience for any person seeking employment, but it is also a risky thing for an employer to hire someone who lacks experience for said job. Many times, I hear young people say that removing the older ones from the governance or leadership sector is the best way forward for their empowerment and success. Thusly, the older generation feels a growing fear that said young people are coming for their jobs and livelihoods; they fear being eclipsed and becoming obsolete.  I am not a lover of music, but I know that keyboard players strike both the white and black keys one after the other; this is done to have a great melody. No matter how customized a vehicle tyre might be, it can never be completely white

These are just a few reasons why intergeneration is just as needed in solving the world’s problems. Many young people wish to push away the older people from government, NGOs, and other sectors, all in the name of “this is our time.” My question then is, where are we gonna get the  experience or skills needed for the job from? Ok! I know someone gonna say from the internet, sorry to say, the internet wouldn’t be like a human. If young people must have the experience needed for a particular job, they must be provided internship opportunities. The internet is very vital in our world today but interfacing with the experienced sages is as needed as parents are in the upbringing of kids. At the same time, the aged generation is constantly preventing young people from entering the system, according to disenchanted young people. What I don’t get is, how does the older generation intend to be remembered or what legacy will they leave behind? Any generation that will not model successors after itself is bound to be argument; legacy is evidence based while history requires persuasion. This means that, if a generation is to be remembered, it must prepare manpower to take over when it is no more. Should the governance and leadership sectors, which are proudly dominated by the older generation, fail in training the fast growing youthful population to fill the system when they inevitably need to, there won’t just be vacuum left behind, but a total collapse of the system. Also, if the experienced sages are flushed out of the system now, leaving it with us the youth, I foresee a gap that can not be closed easily. 

We created our own problems by placing people into groups based on age. What if we ignore these illusory lines drawn in the sand and bring everybody together in one group for learning and sharing? I believe the result would be the commencement and continuity of success. In union, success is sure and strong. I propose INTERGENERATION! 

Authored by Emmanuel Trokon Johnson

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