Tragedy of Drug Abuse

She was once a pretty little girl with hopes and dreams- accepted by society; befriended by many. 

her beauty was so astonishing, people compare her to a Gazania. 

As time flew, she faded with the wind. 

The liquor battle became her foe, opium her food 

Disfigured, she has turned from the beautiful girl she was to an addict people call “zoko” 

“Please give me change?” was her daily refrain

“How did I get here?” with wet eyes, she questioned her addiction.

Every night she stands at the corner of the street stopping random cars to exchange her body for  nickels and dimes.

Homeless, abused, drugged, deleted from society, and shoved out of womanhood

Her future was as hopeless as a girl who wants sun in winter.; 

She wakes in the morning to absolutely nothing, but a breath stenched with opium and alcohol; 

Unkempt hair,  clothes ripped  off, sunk into a bed of used condoms with a buck in her purse instead of the promised one thousand dollars  

She cried out in realization and agony,  “they tricked me again” 

A prostitute, with no education nor hopes, stuck between reality and the world of pills, 

She thinks she has been bewitched, chasing after something she didn’t lose all in the greed for drugs and the unsatisfying appetite of drug. 

It’s the complete tragedy of drug abuse, you keep doing the unwanted to quench that  unquenchable thirst. 

Being born into a family, normal with dreams  and future career aspiration but later you find yourself drowning in its ocean.  THE TRAGEDY OF DRUG ABUSE!

Authored by Reuben Rambo

Featured Picture by Iyanda’sblog

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