Bow Not

Blood drips no more,

As hidden knives are silent,

Guns sound no more,

As starving faces are weary.  


As we cry on these streets, 

Screaming across hopes, 

And no implementation of policies.  

We are bleeding!

Let not the forces of the laws gather against us,

We pray! We scream! We hope! 

As we run races to the international community,

With complaints in the palms of those who are not guilty, 

What should we call ourselves? 

The victims or the masses?

Bow Not!

To the pleasantry of greed, 

Bow Not!

To the songs they sing 

When they sit behind closed doors, 

To take away the Nation’s monies, 

Bow Not!

To the ones wearing fancy on their skin,  

To those calling their brothers ‘members of a society’,

Bow Not!

To the masks you see when they are reading speeches, 

Neither to these promises they have once fed your children with!

Bow Not!

For the time has come, 

When our voices are mightier than their guns, 

When our inks are faster than their tongues,

And our minds cannot easily be used to do wrong. 

Bow not!

For we are liberated; 

Free to think of the right things and willing to do what needs to be done, 

We are children of redemption and not of our fathers’ sins; 

So bow not to the regime that repeats the nation’s worst kind of history,

For we are thinkers and farmers with tools and plans, 

Running to these branches of Government, 

To get rid of corruption, greed and legal gangs!

Bow Not!

Because the time has come, 

When we shall no longer fight crimes by being criminals.

Gone are the days when we fought the Devil with Demons,

We are much more than our Fathers’ Son;

We are kings, even if they steal the gold off our crowns,

We walk in high esteem, even if they refuse to repair our roads.

No matter how much of ours they make their own,

We will always have more than them,

Cuz we have what they lack; integrity!

Bow Not!

Children of the witches they couldn’t burn,

Out of these ashes, we will rise!

Bow Not! And let’s prepare ourselves to replace them!

Bow Not!

For the time will come when who you know will not be enough,

And the mantle will require quality over quantity.

Like Children of Gold, we are being tested by fire,

There is no price good enough to sell our souls.

Bow Not, Combrades, Bow Not!

Authored by Joshua Kulah & William Anderson

Featured Picture by Islam21c

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