We All Matter

I don’t feel that men are better than women, or vise versa 

My granny is my family matriarch,

She’s way better!

Married before the age of 18; deprived of formal school lectures,

Bore six kids and raised them as go-getters

My mama is my favorite, a pearl wrapped in a body

She taught me everything and made my father obsolete 

I mean my dad’s great, but my mom is more unique

I am trying to paint a picture, I’m hoping that you would see

The world would be better if we are all treated equal 

Stop early marriages, at least wait until she’s legal

Infact, let it be her choice!

Stop mutilating and injuring because of some “culture”

Stop every abuse whether physical, sexual or mental

Stop inflicting pain; be a friend, a helper

You can’t treat her less only because you’re the provider

Uphold Matthew 7:12, irrespective of status 

When it comes to gender, neither to me is inferior 

“Men will be men”, not enough excuse to be promiscuous 

When it’s time to man up, you keep lowering your standards

When it comes to her, all you see is an offender

Life is a circle, karma helps it rotate 

No need to exorcise, you’ll get the hate that you give

Until we all accept that we should equally coexist 

The true bond we share will go extinct

Authored by Jay Hoff

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