Beach Miners

Under heaven’s heavenly lamps 

Youths of our time 

Digging for silver in gold mines 

Destroying ancient borderlines

Forever changing nature’s natural landscape 

Eating Tomorrow in their today 

As each grain of sand you take away

Releases a monster from its timeless cage

Nature though beautiful, but deadly

Once we cross the lines that save

By our own decisions we make

We bear the circumstances and benefits 

Endangering every human being,

Nightmares we see in our dreams.

Is it for survival or youthful games?

To meet demanding ends’ means?

Building little, destroying more

Unleashing the beast that forever roars

Forever changing the natural order 

Jobless, struggling youngsters

Zealot and energetic for work

Twenty-four hours manpower  

Workers, as though under dark spells 

Enslaved, by the situation around us

In pickups and trucks 

Raging, eroding our soils 

The army of beach miners

For better and for worse

Avoiding warnings from all angles

Troubles deep, they ignore

Like primitive men, without law

With each iron shovel they throw

Each rising tide births a chaos untold

Creeping quickly on our shores

To devour our precious households 

Cuz we, destroy the earth with our hustle.  

Authored by Moses Saywrayne

Featured Picture by My World Shots

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A real problem expressed in the most soothing way. Great piece.

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