Youths Must Unite to Effect Change

Dear Youths,

Often times, we have been overlooked, marginalized, ignored, and forgotten about by the very people who we celebrate and applaud on a daily basis.  I just want to remind you all that nothing has changed since we began dancing to their tune! We are still living in destitution! 

Regrettably, the very people we continue to recognize, are the ones causing harms to our futures. They use our closeness to them to either get at us, or marginalize other young people. These are people who have all the beautiful stories to narrate about their childhood days. They often refer to it as “NORMAL DAY. ” A time when they grew up in safer environments, had access to the best of education, better healthcare, a booming economy, etc. Today, these people fail to continue the love and passion other generations showed to them. The have over the years failed to define a  future for young people. They only want to see us cheer them on while they harm us!

I just want to let you know this, as young people, we have inherited the “ABNORMAL DAYS.” A time when women and girls are increasingly unsafe, gun violence is alive and kicking, terrorism is at its peak, religious extremism is strong, discrimination has reawakened, and lives are no longer valued like before. 

On the other hand, I have great news for you, you are not the CAUSE of these problems! 

They were caused by a group of people who saw, and enjoyed peace and happiness; yet they chose to pass on to us an unhappy, struggling and depressed society! Now, the responsibility lies on us to change the world, and make it a better place again.

We can, we have to, and we must create a changed and improved society; one where our children and generations to come won’t blame us. Remember, the only chance we have to make this change is while we’re still alive. This our generation must be the problem solving generation, and not make things worse than it is now.

In order for us to create this change that we so desire, it would take one thing: us speaking as one people, taking one action at a time together, and continuing to build each other up. If we can speak with one voice, the world will hear us. If we can work as a team, we will accomplish something tangible. If we can support each other goals in unison, we all will definitely succeed. 

Let this be made known, we are NOT in competition with each other. The world makes it look as if we are, but no! That is not true. We are one, we’re brothers and sisters, and we will always need each other to get up!

Let’s get this in place, and conquer the world together. It’s about time we put aside the things that have held us down, and put on a new mindset to support each other. We can fight together, lose together, win together, cry together and laugh together.  Understand that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with us working together for the good of our country, Liberia, Africa and the world. We can work together because we want to permit change in our disposition. Trust me, if we can work together, we can create our own world full of peace, harmony, love, equality, justice and opportunities for all.


Delton Domah 

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  1. Mike Clarker Quaye says:

    Delton Domah, thanks for this candid and inspirational write-up. Youths MUST certainly unite to effect change, there’s no other way! Many thanks to the publisher. Have a blessed week!

  2. Mc-arthur Charles Mantein says:

    This is a great piece, thanks Delton.

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