Behind the Ray Ban

“Behind every dark ‘shades’ is a red eye”, they say

Behind her sunglasses is a red eye, but hey

Anxiety and depression are drugs that she’s high off

Looking into her eyes, I couldn’t even say my next word

For the first time I noticed this girl’s suffering

I did not know how, yet I thought of helping

What puzzles me most is the fact that we don’t notice

She smiles and pretends to keep her cool; an effort not to show it

It is sad that she’s breathing but not truly living

She serves other comforts, a meal she’s never eating

And as she cried her pain to me with a drink in her hand,

I realized how we barely get to actually know the ones we call “friend”

How can a girl with a lovely outward reception

Be drowning inside because of self-rejection?

How can a girl with so much social media adulation

Be suffering from something as simple as self-condemnation?

Overwhelmed by emotions, we both sipped our drinks in deafening silence

As she pushed back over her red teary eyes, the Ray Ban

Authored by Jay Hoff

Featured Picture by Rebecca Calzavara

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jay!!!!!! No disappointment when it comes to reading your work…..

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