Revolution & Peacevolution (Let’s Give Peace A Chance)

Several years ago, an idea of total instant change arose in the West, and Revolutions started in many areas. Every state or region had different means and approaches toward revolutionizing itself which were exemplified by the British Revolution, the French Revolution, American Revolution, etcetera.  The most lives lost have been through revolutions. The World Wars, push for white supremacy, religious supremacy, among others, were characterized by bombing and suicide missions. These man created definitions of revolutions have done nothing more memorable than killing tens of millions of people and leaving ruin in their wake. From Africa to Europe to Asia and the Americas, supremacist and extremist organizations like Boko Haram, ISIS, and the KKK are raging hell. For what I consider “no genuine reasons,” we are killing ourselves and destroying nature. 

With the same zest that violence has been given space to travel and get rooted so hugely among us, let’s do the same with peace and stability.  The continents have been consumed so rapidly by hate, collapsed rule of law, militancy, and all in the name of “revolutionizing our spaces”. If this same approach is used in breeding peace, there will be no need to think of being a supremacist. I strongly believe everyone is supreme if someone else is alive and/or happy because of the things you do.  Please, take a member of another religion as a partner, not your enemy; see a neighbor’s child as yours; see more our similarities and less, our differences 

I plead with us to give peace a chance, instead of forcing violence to engulf our existence and ruin our connecting bonds. A society that takes in peace is a society that puts out peace. A home that teaches peace is a family that lives in harmony.  Just like how we inconvenienced the culture of living in peace and free existence by allowing the monster called violence to take root among us, we can rewrite the course. 

History can still speak well of us. Posterity can remember and record the best path we trekked towards revolutionizing peace. Yes! This generation can do it.  Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., we all have the same color of blood running through our veins. Why destroy each other? Can we form an alliance of defense if we get attacked by aliens? Trust me, if everybody applies the concept of tolerance to his or her life module, peace will just ride on.

The true path to lasting peace and stability is love. Love for oneself opens room to extend love to others. Why take a gun to feel or make oneself a “hero?” Tearing down others isn’t hero-like; wearing a smile and showing unconditional love is what truly makes a great person – a hero. Let’s put posterity on our side and now is the time. Peace is life and love is reality. 

Let’s make it count! Peace First, Peace Last!

Author: Emmanuel Johnson

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