Mama Liberia

Why do you weep mama Liberia? 

Is it because your dream of having a bright future is thrown in the sea? 

Is it because you are not well taken care of? 

You lack good leaders, good roads, economic and educational system and power supplies. Are these the reasons? 

Or is it because all of your natural resources are taken away by strangers? 

Is it because your children fight amongst each other like cats and dogs? 

Is it because your children adore foreigners and do not consider you as their own? 

Is it because of the level of greediness that your children exhibit? Is it? Is it?

Weep no more, dear mama Liberia. 

One day, you will rise again. 

You will be seen again. 

Your voice will once again be heard, and every generation will breed good leaders. 

Good leaders that will take care of your infrastructure. 

Good leaders that will eliminate greed and hate,

Good leaders that will regard you as their own. 

Weep not mama for in union, success is sure. 

Your dream of having a future as bright as a river of gold surely will come true. 

Weep not mama, for you are a happy land. 

A home that God commanded to have glorious liberty. All hail mama Liberia, all hail!

Authored by Bridgette S. Davis

Featured picture by FrontPageAfrica

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