Scum is “it’s not you, it’s me,” when you were leaving after you cheated. Scum is me begging you to stay, because I couldn’t breathe without you.

Scum is cupid and his useless arrows, and I, his unwilling victim

Cursing me with the desire to feel all over again, a Prometheus with his punishment.

“Did I make you do anything you didn’t want to do?”

That’s what you asked, after bursting my bubble

“Everything I am, is what you wanted.”

That’s how I felt until you showed that my best ain’t good enough…

Wanting everything I couldn’t offer.

I did it all because I thought it built our bond,

Not knowing one day you’d be up and gone.

You left me hoping for the best, while you were out there with the rest.

So many times you put my love to test, yet you were out there having an orgy fest.

It was us versus the world, but now it’s you with the world because you’re out there on a sharing spree.

Our love was magic but now it’s tragic because I’m out here in this wilderness and you’re out there in Wonderland.

So, let’s be clear, this was not an accident, for You showed me time and time that you would do this again 

You’ve punched my patience, strangled my Love, coerced my affection and crippled my trust. 

And I reached my breaking point when you said, “nothing I complain about made sense.” 

But to be honest, Scum is “it’s not you, it’s me” for I will take you back with ease everytime I see your eyes blink.

Authored by Donard Bondo, Joshua S. Kulah, Darcess Dossen & Alplato Padmore

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