Here We Are Again

Here we are again

On the highway of injustice

At the crossroads of racial discrimination

At the boulevard of segregation

At the checkpoint of black oppression

Here we are again

Where is the total emancipation you promised us?

Where is our freedom to be black?

Why do you have us on overwatch on your over the counter watchlists?

What do we need to do to prove to you that we’ve earned our place on the high table?

Why do you still poach us like animals?

Why is white privilege still a thing in the 21st century?

Here we are again

You removed the shackles

Yet we’re still getting the invincible tackles

You say you’re tired of our protest

So why don’t you take your time to retrospect?

You give us so much hate

Yet expect us to wait on Fate?

This is how racism really tastes.

Here we are again

Our only inheritance has been suppression

Declining our self-image and breaking our self-esteem has become an ode.

Living in a world where the system has been built against us for no reason,

Keeping us locked up through all seasons.

Living in a world that tells us that “The color of our skin makes us less human beings.”

Here we are again

Pitted against each other like pieces on a chessboard

Corrupted minds that have been brainwashed with white lies hiding black truths.

Living on hand-outs that always run out

Where is our Way Out?

Here we are again

A people still fighting to belong

A people still looking over their shoulders

A people infected with the western virus

Yet, A people with nothing left to lose.

Here we are again

You may lynch us

You may throw us overboard on the high seas

You may burn and skin us as the KKK did

You may sweep us under the rug

But we will stay silent no more!

Here we are again

Asking the same old question,

“Will black lives ever matter??”

Authored by Darcess Dossen

Featured picture by Freepick

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