It sucks to be me because I trust too hard, I allow people in my life too easily and then I raise my hopes so high for things I know will never happen.

It sucks to be me because I’m a crazy romantic who loves “LOVE” so I meet someone, we vibe well together then, boom, I start to plan our future and I think it’s because deep down I’m just scared I might never be good enough for anyone to stay long enough.

It sucks to be me because i know I’m never gonna be anybody’s first choice; like, even if someone looks me straight in the eyes and tells me how much they love me or how important I am in their life right now, I know it’s a lie because there’s always gonna be someone or something they will choose over staying with me and it sucks.

It sucks to be me because I hear people say stuff like, “to be happy in life you need to find yourself, you need to love yourself you need to be proud of yourself” and then I look in mirror and I try to work on “myself” but,“ No!”

I don’t feel happy at all because to love yourself or feel proud in your own skin you need to actually appreciate yourself for who you are and value yourself but i don’t because deep down I DON’T FEEL I’M WORTHY OF MY OWN LOVE AND THAT  HURTS.

It sucks to be me because I meet really wonderful people who are so sweet to me at first but then they just get tired of me and leave so now I’m starting to think maybe I’m the problem because everyone I meet ends up leaving.

If this doesn’t suck then please tell me what does?

It sucks to be me because even though I have soooo many friends, I still feel empty because when the day is finally over, I realize there’s actually no one to tell how great or how horrible my day went and this loneliness is killing me.

It sucks to be me as  nobody actually knows how unhappy I am because, even though I cry myself to sleep almost every night, I wake up the next morning with a big smile on my face just to make other people feel happy and it hurts because I can never make myself that happy.

All I feel is worthlessness and real emptiness and this is why it sucks to be me.

Authored Corena Cheah

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