AFRICA, My Fallen Comforter

Mama Africa,

From your sweet breast of rich milk,

Your children have been healthily nourished.

Nourished to walk on this struggling road to success;

And that success, they’ve always struggled in vain to achieve.

For being successful is as high as the peak of the mountain.

Truly Mama! Days in, days out, success seems like an open enemy


Nowadays, your success is not a story, but your failure is the talk of the world.

A world in which your children have been forsaken;

Forsaken in a dramatic world of mortal frustrations.

A world full of chaos and confusion.

A world as hot as a blazing fire.


Through confusion, their struggles grow as hard as rocks;

Their tears flow through the rivers of pains;

Their tears have exceeded the source of the ocean;

Their hearts beat coldly like ice;

They shout joy out of pain.

Oh, Mama!

They have sold your pride for something that’s not worth

They crumble,  unable to face themselves

They prefer total strangers to you.

But most unfortunate, Mama,

Your sweet milk has flown through the rivers of corruption into endless streams of human wickedness.

Your fruit has been betrayed, Mama.

Betrayed by the greed of a stranger

They struggle not for your success, but your doom.

You are being stabbed right from the back, Mama,

Stabbed by those who laugh at you.

They laugh with white teeth while mourning you with a black heart

They appear so cool, but with blood burning like fire.

Oh, Mama,

Does that not speak sense to you?

Does the pain and poverty not tell you that you are being betrayed?

Betrayed by the white teeth behind which lie black hearts

Have they no shame?

Have their feelings been stolen away?

Yes, Mother.  

But you still have hope in this hopeless state, Mama.

For hundreds of years, you have been rolling in the back;

Crawling towards a bigger dream.

A dream of hope, of love, and of freedom;

A dream of justice and of equality;

A dream of clamping the Mount Everest;

A dream of a land flourishing in joy;

As corruption and exploitation are no more.

Oh yes! That great dream of a new beginning.

Authored by Fatu Kaba

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  1. Yaya Toure says:


  2. Yaya Toure says:

    So sorry mama Liberia.Believe in us,We will still bring you Joy one day.

  3. Sensational! That’s the word for it.

  4. Alice Nohn Kartuah says:

    This one is so inspiring Madam Kaba.

    Keep glowing and let the sky⛅ be your limit.

    1. Morris M Konneh says:

      Masha Allah , It is a very interesting and an educative lesson to all stakeholders and future leaders of Mama Liberia.
      Perhaps such an inspiring poem dear.
      Sis Fatu M. Kaba, we miss you so much.

  5. HANSON G. Blayon says:

    It’s inspiring. Thanks for the information.

  6. Edolor Yalekeme says:

    Mama Africa, your toil will never be in vain because despite everything; you still keep moving (crawling towards a bigger dream).

  7. Mawatta M. Fofana says:

    Wow! I’m impressed again by your wise taught.
    Let’s keep the ball ⚽️ rolling, and differentiate from others.

  8. Wow nice poem
    I love this poem a lot
    But please try to add a (content analysis)
    So others can understand the meaning of peom, because not everybody read poem and understand it.

    1. Fatu says:

      I will see about that. Thanks for the feedback.


    Nice one big sis, well thought-out

  10. Anonymous says:

    Alhamdulilah, It is well penned and prepared dear. Perhaps very interesting and educative lesson to all decision makers of Mama Liberia.
    Sis Kaba you are an absolute Genius!
    Such inspirational poem i have ever read before… Keep it straight up!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank sister, it’s inspirational.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I still could not understand!!! Fatu, are you one of the Jewish prophet?
    Because your predications are very essential like their messages in the previous.

    Keep it up woman

    1. Fatu says:

      Lol, I’m not a Jewish and I have little idea about Judaism. I’m just saying what Islam teaches. Also, based on the little I know, I can tell that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have allot in common especially with the Prophets (PBUT).

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