A Letter to My Leaders

Dear Leaders,

I extend to you greetings from the founding fathers of this great continent, Africa, and bring to you a vital message from them: “Africa is sickened”.

My name is Verchamoh L. Kamara. I may not be as eloquent as Former President Sirleaf was, but my message to you will be as clear as daylight. My message will not be as long as Former President Mugabe’s Administration, but I promise that the essence of my message will be as sharp as the sound of a thunder.

I come from the slum community of West Point, Liberia; home to over 70,000 inhabitants, where illiteracy is at its peak and ignorance is the most known language. Where fifty (50) percent of this number are young people that are not in colleges or universities or members of the workforce; where mosquitoes and cockroaches are our closest neighbors and dumpsites are our playgrounds; where babies are turning into mothers and teenage girls are growing up with AIDS; where nightclubs and ghettos are more than schools; where good talents are wasted and bad habits are embraced and enhanced.

West Point is on the outskirts of Monrovia, the capital of the oldest country (Liberia) in Africa and yet, the third poorest country in the world. A country where energetic youths are turned into street beggars and car loaders (zogos); where kids between the ages of 5 – 11 are made to escort their blind parents to beg for money in the streets instead of being in school learning; where good citizens live on half a United States Dollar a day and the majority of the people eat once a day (0-0-1); where entertainment centers are more than schools and training centers for youth; where the educational system is a total blank – we produce doctors and call them professionals but when we fall sick, those that can afford to fly outside for treatment and those who can’t, die.

It is not that I am proud of these things happening within my community, despite government officials we elected who promised us change; instead, I am sad to know that these are the things gradually making our beloved country Liberia, and Africa as a whole, ill.

Africa is indeed sick. Africa is sickened by the magnitude of corruption deeply embedded in its countries. Africa is sickened by the billions of dollars mysteriously disappearing from government budgets without any proper accountability in place. Africa is sickened by the bad leadership practiced by our elected leaders, or misleaders, to be more accurate.

My leaders, we voted you for change, a change that is focused on shifting the lives of your people to a positive direction, one that Africa can be proud of. When we elected you as leaders, we handed you the mantle of authority to lead us into productivity and a long lasting and vibrant community. My leaders, it is our humble request that you refrain yourselves from corrupt acts and bad leadership practices.

My leaders, it is our heartfelt request that you come closer to the pool of understanding, such understanding that your citizens are the victims of your actions and the decisions you make.

My leaders, kindly accept my recommendation. I humbly recommend that you prioritize your citizens’ interests above yours and do their work with an honest mind and a sincere heart.

My leaders, whether you are the President or Principal of a school, or the head of a church or mosque, wherever and whatever you are, as long as you are a leader, please prioritize the growth and development of our country Liberia and Africa at large.

Let us be reminded that we owe to future generations to leave behind an Africa that is far better than one we inherited.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Pleadingly yours,

Verchamoh L. Kamara  

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  1. Abraham Delleh Wala says:

    Ms. Kamara this piece of note was well crafted and strict to the point for any of our leaders to pay heed.

    As was elaborated in the communique to our leaders I would also like to urge them to listen to the plights of Liberia and Africa at large.

    Abraham Delleh Wala

  2. Teddy M. Fahnbulleh, Jr. says:

    Thanks for that beautiful and awesome recommendations to our leaders and I hope and pray that they read it with comprehension and adhere to it.

  3. Fatu says:

    You made my day Val. I’m so amazed by this.

  4. Fatumata says:

    Nice article…
    I like your transition, it’s cool.

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