Our Fallen Queen

All hail the mother that flourishes in the midst of thorns and torment. The queen stripped of her throne and thrown to her dead yet suffers

All hail the fallen Queen, the mother of warriors and princes

Who have forgotten their worth and have turned to slaves. Buried their crowns and burned their garment, put on rags and walk foolishly with pride.

All hail the Mother whose teachings have been forgotten.

Robbed of her culture, with the taste of her soil no longer under the feet of her children

For they have forgotten where they come from

Blinded by greed, they rob her while she sleeps

All hail the weeping mother, the one who prays to be redeemed

She thirsts for salvation from the ones she calls her own.

Yet they pay no mind, so she cries herself to sleep Wishing death upon her soul but all to no avail.

All hail the trusting mother whose heart has been broken too many times,

The one that has been sold out to the world and stripped off her cloth

With her nakedness laid bare for the world to see.

All hail the forgiving mother, who regardless of the pains she has had to endure

At the hands of the ones she feed with her breast, refuse to hold grudges.

With a heart made of precious stones, she lets go of the hate they planted in her backyard.

All hail the hopeful mother, the eyes that see nothing but light. The heart praying for the success of her children regardless of their evil ways.

The hands that will never let go, even if everyone does.

The mother who sees a brighter day that lies ahead.

All hail mother Liberia, our fallen Queen.

Beulah Nimene, a writer and poet, is a freshman student at the Cuttington University reading Economics and Management. She currently holds the title of most eloquent speaker of the Liberia National High School Debate Tournament and she presently volunteers with Youth for Change( organizers of the Liberia National High School Debate Tournament). She is also the founder and co-host of Youth and Society, TV-Show (shows on Light TV Satcom) as well as a member of Team Liberia.

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