Holy Trinity

Today is supposed to be the first birthday of our child

At the first checkup,  the doctor said the child was going to be a girl / she tiptoed & kissed your navel

You asked your mother how child bearing is like?   

How long does one carry a human in her navel?


the happiness you carried in your stomach turned into blood

blood flooded your body

you wrote the date of your  imminent childbirth

it slips off the calendar each time

you held your blood in your  arms

some dripped from your legs so you called it your own

your child

your blood after four weeks of carrying it

11:34PM, the room /

silent like the music playing under your voice  

pain was the beat playing in the background

you felt naked

and saw your child becoming  

coming out of your vagina as blood

then you fell in love with our child /

And fell out of love with us

your mama said the heart was the first organ that died that night

followed by your love for me

then your body became the holy trinity

God the father – your body

God the son – your blood, your child]   

God the holy spirit- our love, that went blank

Authored by Jeremy Karn

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