Public Enemy #1

We have been sentenced to life imprisonment,

sentenced without facing a judge or sitting a fair trial.

Confined to the walls of society,

enslaved to an idea that only leads us to more peril.

That idea is called the ‘Status Quo’.

The Man that holds the key to our great escape.

Society creates rules and regulations in its own fantasy

of avoiding chaos and preserving civilization.

She says, ‘Stick to the Status Quo’.

But we all know that has always been a bad idea.

However, let’s take a walk down memory lane

And teleport through the pages of history:

A caveman discovered Fire while rubbing rocks together unknowingly.

I bet his fellow clansmen told him that the ‘Status Quo’ said he shouldn’t play with rocks

but he didn’t listen and today we know of Fire.

Thomas Alva Edison discovered the practical light bulb after failing 1000 times,

the ‘Status Quo’ at the time dictated that he forgot about it because it would never work

but in the end, he didn’t listen and succeeded.

Albert Einstein was dubbed a dreamer,

the ‘Status Quo’ dictated that his ideas were unrealistic

but yet he didn’t listen and today he is one of the greatest scientists ever.

Rosa Park, “The First Lady of the Black Movement’’ refused to give her seat on a bus to a white passenger,

the ‘Status Quo’ at the time dictated that she did

but, she stood her ground and her action was a turning point in the Black and Civil Rights Movement

Bill Gates dropped out of college to follow his Microsoft dream

when the ‘Status Quo’ dictated that going to college was the road to success

but he forged his own path and today, he is  one of the richest men on earth.

Barack Obama ran for the American Presidency and won

when the ‘Status Quo’ dictated that a black man couldn’t be President of the U.S.A.

but he followed his guts and made history.

I could go on and on, naming great men and women

that braved the storm and stood tall in the face of society.

However, despite these feats,

the world is still hiding behind the prison bars of society,

bending to the will of its slave master, the ‘Status Quo’.

Our minds are still shackled

by this illusion of an idea.

Our eyes still wear the invincible scale

that blinds us from seeing

the reality of our current situation

The world has been under this hypnosis for too long

but freedom echoes through our voices.

O’ Men and Women, awake from your slumber.

For the ‘’Status Quo is Public Enemy Number One’’.

Authored by Darcess Dossen

Featured Picture Melissa Mebus

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